The Cast of Thousands

You may have noticed that I use a lot of nicknames on my blog.  This is because, although I’ve made the choice to put details of my daily life up here to be perused by total strangers, my family and friends have not chosen this.  So I’m trying to give them what protection I can.  The only people who don’t have nicknames are those who have died, since I figure that after death they don’t need as much protection.  The nicknames are sometimes plays on the person’s real name, sometimes literary allusions, and sometimes very bad puns.  Sometimes they’re creative, and sometimes they’re really not.  If you want to know exactly who someone is, ask me offline, and I’ll be happy to fill you in.  If you don’t know me outside of the internet, I’m afraid you’re out of luck.  However, I do have this handy cheat sheet that might help you at least keep people straight!

Disclaimer: This is by no means a comprehensive list.  It’s mostly those who have been mentioned recently (since September 2010).  I’ll try to keep this list updated, but I make no guarantees.

Immediate Family
Big Brother
Sunny (Big Brother’s wife)
Honey (Sunny’s daughter, Big Brother’s step-daughter)
Pigeon (Big Brother & Sunny’s son)
The Duchess
007 (The Duchess’s husband)
The Little Philosopher (The Duchess and 007’s daughter)
Mr. T (Sae’s husband)
Fleur (Mr. T’s daughter, Sae’s step-daughter)
Sweet Pea (Sae and Mr. T’s daughter)
Bubba (Jacob)
Cuthbert (AnniPotts’ beau)
The Absent-Minded Professor (sometimes shortened to AP)

Extended Family
AJ (cousin)
Johnnycakes (cousin, also current housemate)
Phédre (Johnnycakes’ fiancee)
The Auteur (cousin, brother of Johnnycakes)
Lucy (cousin-in-law, married to The Auteur)
Lucy’s Mom (not really related to me, but she reads this blog & sometimes sends me presents)
Aunt B & Uncle J (Johnnycakes’s parents)
Aunt S & Uncle S
Aunt C & Uncle C
Aunt K & Uncle G (AJ’s parents)
Aunt M (the one in Seattle)

People from Swing Dancing
Diva’s firstborn (Swing Diva’s baby son)
Dove (married to Nameless, used to be called Mai)
Godiva (Sarasvati’s sister)
Lone Wolf (married to Swing Snark)
Long John
LM (short for Little Mama, married to Swing Sensei)
Madame President
Mai (she who is now called Dove)
Mr. Clean
Mr. Zoot (the guy I teach with at Swing Club)
Nameless (married to Dove)
Swing Diva (sometimes shortened to Diva)
Swing Sensei (married to LM)
Swing Snark (married to Lone Wolf)
The Clogging Lindy Hopper (we don’t like dancing with him)

People from Catholic Life (my Catholic young adult group)
Captain Amazing (Hello Nurse and Grace’s brother, aka The Lumberjack in some posts)
Florence (also shortened to Flo)
Frauline (married to Sugar Ray)
Grace (Captain Amazing and Hello Nurse’s sister, engaged to Peace)
Hot Josh (married to Pixie, father of Little Miss Stinker)
Little J
Little Miss Stinker (first child of Pixie & Hot Josh)
MiniSpark (the first child of Pookah & Sparkboy)
One (short for The Other One, married to Two)
Peace (engaged to Grace)
Pippi (you know, like Longstocking)
Pixie (married to Hot Josh, mother of Little Miss Stinker)
Pookah (married to Sparkboy, mother of MiniSpark)
Sparkboy (married to Pookah)
Sweet (yes, they’re different people)
Sugar Ray (married to Fraulein)
‘Sup Doc (married to Ducky)
The Girl Next Door
The Hat
The Secretary General
The Thinker
Two (married to One)

Police Buddies
Atlas (those shoulders)
C (short for Candyman)
Drover (because how many transportation-related last names are there really?)
Frankie (those blue eyes)
Sarge (not a very imaginative name)
Selleck (it’s the mustache)
Sir Walter (an Austen allusion)
Sweet Baby J

Other Important People
14 (aka Tex in some early blog entries)
Ani (former roommate)
ExBig Boss (whoever is currently occupying the main office in the front office where I used work – there were three of them while I worked tehre)
ExBoss1 (my old immediate supervisor, now retired)
ExBoss2 (the annoying one)
ExBoss J (my last immediate supervisor at my old job)
Cinder (Rosie’s best friend)
Crafty Minx (married to Joe, mother of Pavlova, Peach, Ishmael, and Fuzzy)
Ducky (married to ‘Sup Doc)
Fuzzy (son of Joe & Crafty Minx)
Hello Nurse (sister of Grace and Captain Amazing)
Ishmael (son of Joe & Crafty Minx)
Ivy (married to JohnJohn)
Ivy II (yeah, I managed to give two separate people the same nickname. This Ivy is married to Tree)
Joe (married to Crafty Minx, father of Pavlova, Peach, Ishmael, and Fuzzy)
JohnJohn (on my first NET Team, married to Ivy)
Johnsy (former rooommate)
KJ (dear friend)
La Principessa
La Quebecoise (one of The Duchess’s Philadelphia housemates)
Littlefoot (daughter of MDoS and The Beautiful T)
Maaji (one of the Employee Health nurses at my current work)
MDoS (short for MackDaddy of Swing, married to The Beautiful T)
Mr. Maker (neighbor, close family friend)
Pavlova (daughter of Joe & Crafty Minx)
Peach (daughter of Joe & Crafty Minx)
Sarasvati (Godiva’s sister)
Sparkle Boy
The Beautiful T (married to MDoS)
The Cute Guy Down The Hall
The Kiddo (the girl whom I used to nanny)
The Matriarch (among other things, President of the Knitting Guild)
The Shy Engineer (aka Cute Coworker on twitter)
The Young Queen (one of my dearest friends, on my 2nd NET Team)
Tree (a Wisconsin dairy farmer, married to Ivy II)
Wonder Woman (current co-worker)


5 thoughts on “The Cast of Thousands”

  1. Thanks for the primer! I’d figured out most people after reading for two years, but certainly not everyone. 🙂

  2. I love this.

  3. love your blog and the cast of thousands! I think I’ve got it all sorted at this point… maybe… I’ll check the list you sent me.

    feel free to add ‘bear’ and ‘rabbit’ at your convenience – with or without ‘Aunt’ or R and J, or J and R, … and … Happy New Year!

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