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St. Anne Line

I have a new favorite thing to do when I get into work in the morning.  I head over to Songza, and figure out what I want to listen to.

Songza1I decide that what I really need on this Friday morning when I haven’t had my coffee yet, is Waking Up Happy.  So I select that, and it takes me to this:

Songza2I’m not so much in a Pop or 90s mood, and without coffee I’m not sure I’m up for a Surprise.  So I choose Timeless Pick-Me-Ups.

Songza3Which takes me to this awesome set of choices.  So I pick Walking On Sunshine, and I jam out to tunes at my desk all morning while I process address and tax changes, and refax employment verifications, and make badges for contractors who are fixing the automatic doors in the hospital.  This is some of what I’ve heard so far:

I think my favorite part was when I started singing “Baby, you can call me Al” while I was talking about our reference check process with one of my coworkers.  Thankfully she took it for the compliment it was.

It’s a good morning.  Also, I got coffee!

Today I am praying for Hauwa Musa.