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St. Mariade de Cerevellon

Because I haven’t put together a longer blog post in a while, here’s a few quick things to tide you over:

— 1 —


This is what I’ve been working on.  It’s the sleeves for a new work shirt.  It started out life as a quite large button-down men’s shirt.  I brought it home from the thrift store, and have been revamping it.  The standard pointed collar is now a Mandarin collar edged with rick rack.  The back has been brought in with box pleats, which I repeated at the front.  It’s all done except the sleeves.  I re-cut them to be more of a petal shape, and have been edging them with rick rack before reattaching them.  For some reason I decided to do all this work by hand, so it’s been taking forever.  It’s going to be a lovely shirt – now I just have to be able to wear it while it’s still weather appropriate.  And don’t worry – the orange and blue marks are washable marker to remind me where the sleeves overlap.

— 2 —

I love doing the Liturgy of the Hours, partly because there are these amazing prayers hidden in there.  It blows my mind that people all over the world are saying these prayers every day, but no one notices.  My favorite lately is this little gem:

We pray for cheerfulness and a generous heart;
  may we bring joy to our homes, to our work, and to all whom we meet.
– Father, give us your strength.
We pray for all who are working today;
  be with them at home and in the city, in the factory and in the fields.
– Father, give us your strength.
We pray for those who have no work;
  we pray for the disabled and the sick, for those who cannot find work, and for those who are retired.
– Father, give us your strength.
Lauds – September 17, 2014

— 3 —

Every fall I suddenly decide to wear lipstick.  I think this is partly because I look really good in a lot of the dark berry colors that get put out about this time.  It usually lasts about two weeks.  I get lots of compliments on it, and I enjoy it while it lasts.  But finding the time to put on makeup in the morning (strong lipstick looks odd without at least a little something on my eyes too) gets to be a hassle, or I get tired of washing lipstick marks off my glasses and cups, and after a little while, I start forgetting to put it on again.  But it’s fun while it lasts.  This fall, my go-to lip colors have been Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig, and Maybelline 14-hour Lipstick in Enduring Ruby.

— 4 —


I really want this t-shirt.

— 5 —

There’s something about fall that makes me start casting wistful glances towards the nice, big cast iron pans at the store.  Of course, this article might have something to do with it too.

— 6 —

Lately The Duchess has been teaching Little Bug about emotions, and the faces that people make to express them.  This means that Little Bug’s latest party trick is making faces.  You say, “Ok, do happy!” and she stretches her face into a wide, fake smile.  Then you say, “Do mad!” and she gives you the most adorable, grim glare you’ve ever seen on a two year old.  It’s excessively cute.  I don’t have pictures (yet), but for more toddler cuteness, you can check out Honest Toddler on twitter.  It’s kinda awesome too.

— 7 —

No matter how much sewing I get done, there’s always more I want to do.  My latest ambition is to make myself a new raincoat.  I haven’t had any rain gear in a while, and I am really feeling the lack.  My excuse for a long time was that I didn’t have the right, water-resistant fabric to make it from.  However, earlier this month I scored 4 yards of water resistant canvas in a cute cobalt & white herringbone print from FabricMart, so I no longer have any excuse.  So now I’m trying to figure out what kind of rain gear I want to make.  It’s a toss-up between a gorgeous princess-line coat:

Or maybe a rain cape would be better:

I’ll probably end up with a hybrid kinda like this:

Except should I be worried that it’s actually a tutorial for a child’s cape?


Today I am praying for Ruth Amos.

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