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St. Gregory the Great

My dears, lately I have been swimming in so much family cuteness, and I have had no time to actually blog it.  Seriously – I had a 7 Quick Takes post for last Friday almost complete, which was entirely about various family members being cute.  Hopefully that post will still see the light of day.  In the meantime my niece Little Bug turned 2 yesterday, and she’s kinda adorable.

wpid-cam00299.jpgOne day while I was recovering from my surgery at my parents’ house, Little Bug came to visit me.  She saw my sewing thimble, and immediately asked me to fill it with water so that she could drink out of it.  She was convinced that it was a special tiny little cup for little girls to drink out of.  So I filled it up, and she drank several little cups of water.  It was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  When I posted about it on facebook, someone (I can’t remember who) asked for pictures.  Unfortunately, I’d been too busy enjoying my niece to take any.

wpid-cam00298.jpgNot too long ago, at a family gathering, Little Bug saw my sewing thimble again.  I offered to fill it with water for her.  This time I got pictures. 

Happy birthday, Little Bug!