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The Assumption of Mary

Just to be crystal clear, the time period I’m talking about in this post is this past June and part of July, when I was off work to recover from surgery.  Not today.  And all.

— 1 —

There is nothing more frustrating than to have lots of time to do things, a million projects you want to do, and no energy to do them.  This is a short list of some of the projects I fully intended to do while I was recovering from my surgery:

  • paint my bathroom window
  • paint my kitchen cabinets
  • sew a dress to wear to my sister’s wedding
  • blog a lot
  • plant a wildflower garden on the side of my house
  • make two new skirts for work
  • get a good start on my major Christmas project: stockings for all the new family members we’ve acquired over the last few years
  • buy a car

Can we say overambitious?  None of this happened.  Well, technically, I did buy a car while I was out, but since it was the kind of car you buy off a friend for $50 just to help you get around until you get well enough to buy a real car, I think it doesn’t count.

— 2 —


However, one night when I was really bored I taught myself needle tatting.  Just because.

— 3 —

wpid-img_20140619_183916.jpgI also started experimenting with different hair styles.  This is something I almost never do.  I don’t have time in the mornings to play around with things, so I fall back on the same three or four styles I know I can reliably do in five minutes or less.  However, I think this one is going to get added to the rotation.  It’s like a crown braid, except it’s twisted up instead of braiding.  It turned out so ridiculously Gibson Girl that I had to take a picture.  I was trying to find the pin that I got the idea from, but maybe I didn’t pin it?

— 4 —

I spent an insane amount of time on Pinterest.  Turns out that when you’re too tired to actually do anything, but not tired enough to sleep, Pinterest fills the void.  A couple of people commented on my sudden flood of pins, so I do apologize if I suddenly took over your Pinterest feed.  But a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

— 5 —


I got to spend a lot of time with my nieces, especially the Little Philosopher.  It seemed like 007 and The Duchess popped in most days, in between working on their new house or doing other errands around town.  It was so much fun getting to know my niece a little better.  I’ve gotten her even more hooked on Pinterest, which has proven unexpectedly handy in finding out what she really likes.  I would never have known that really big buttons were so mind-blowingly awesome to the the under three set.  But here is proof – Sweet Pea and Bug enthusiastically playing with the big buttons I got for them (you can just barely glimpse a few of them clutched in Sweet Pea’s fist) on the floor of the chapel during AnniPott’s wedding rehearsal.

— 6 —


Speaking of which, my sister got married, and I took about three pictures, all of various family members processing into church.  This is flower girl Sweet Pea, AnniPotts god-daughter, being escorted in by her mother Sae.  None of my pictures, alas, were of the bride.  I know.  My only excuse is that it was a really long day for me, with way more standing than I had done since before my surgery, extremely bumpy roads to get to the reception, which led to staying in one place as much as possible at the reception, and carefully counting the hours until I could safely take another pain pill.  Indy has a few up on her blog, though, so if you want to see more, check her out

— 7 —

So it turns out that pain killers lower my impulse control.  Also, online shopping on my phone is way too easy.  Especially when my favorite fabric website is having a super sale.  Which is how I ended up being the proud owner of three yards of incredibly luscious black 100% silk satin.  You know, the incredibly rich, drapey stuff that just kinda oozes and shines in old paintings.  It is one of the softest things I have ever touched.  I’m still a little in awe at the sale price I got.  I could make the most amazing dress out of it.  But where would I ever wear it?

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