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St. Claire

Right.  So last time I blogged about my health, I was about a week and a half post-surgery.  The surgery itself had gone quite well, but I was encountering a little bump in the road of my recovery.  My incision had reopened, and there was some infection, but we were treating it, and meanwhile my friend was visiting me, and wasn’t that nice?

Ha – good times!

Actually, it wasn’t really a little bump in the road.  It was a pretty big one that took a lot to get over.  By the time we were done, my incision had opened in three places, each of which required flushing with hydrogen peroxide three times a day for over a month plus a course of antibiotics to get rid of the infection.  And I gotta tell ya, there’s nothing like injecting peroxide into an open wound in your abdomen three times a day to separate the girls from the women (which doesn’t have the same ring as separating the boys from the men – I blame the patriarchy).  It was, shall we say, exciting.  And knocked me on my butt, pretty literally, for quite a while.  Right about when I was starting to crawl back onto my feet, we had a Family Wedding (more about that later), followed by Family Vacation.  Then suddenly it was July, I was back in Dayton again, and my boss was pushing me for a Return To Work date.

And that’s how I spent my Summer Vacation.

My doctor kept me off work a little longer than I had planned (those openings took their sweet time closing), but halfway through July I finally made it back.  Returning to work kicked my butt.  I had just started to get a little energy back the week before, and getting through the work day those first few weeks took everything I had and then some.  The first few days I hit the wall about 2pm, and powered through on the strength of much caffeine.  The third day I didn’t hit the wall, and was feeling pretty stoked about myself.  Then when I was driving home, I sat at a stop sign for about 3-4 minutes, waiting for the light to turn green.  (Me: “Wow, this is a really long light… whoops.”)  Thankfully no one else was at the intersection with me, so I was able to just drive on through, and continue on home, driving extra carefully the rest of the way.

Little by little, I’m getting my strength back.  I get frustrated at my own feebleness, but I remind myself how much better I am than I was a month ago, two months ago, three months ago, and I’m grateful for my progress.  Every so often I forget that I have to take care, and I lift or carry something too heavy for me.  Then I have to take it easy and take the really big Ibuprofens again for a while.  Work is starting to be not quite so utterly exhausting.  Sometimes I even have a little energy left over at the end of the day (totally amazing).  Weekends have been mostly devoted to serious Chair Time, recovering from the week.  However, this weekend for the first time, I only had to spend Saturday recovering.  On Sunday I woke up and miraculously had energy.  So I spent the morning making refrigerator pickles out of the fresh produce I’ve been picking up at the farmers’ market until I ran out of vinegar!

So, you know, I’m getting better.  Life is starting to pick up again.  The next few weekends are filling up, and I think I might even have the energy to do all the things that are planned.  I have plans to join my parish choir when their rehearsals start up again after Labor Day.  There’s lots of crafting to do, and lots I’ve done that I haven’t shown you.  And maybe at some point I might even get my bathroom window painted.

Life is good.

Today I am praying for Na’omi Bitrus.