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Bl. William Exmew

The date of AnniPott’s wedding is fast approaching.  Now that AnniPotts is done with school for the summer, she has switched to wedding planning full time.  She and Indy have been spending lots of time sitting together at the dining room table pouring over check lists, and angsting over the guest list.  (AnniPotts when she gets a No RSVP: “But why?!  Don’t they want to come?”)  There are lists for everything, from what they’ll do on their bachelorette spa day, to exactly how many sheets of foam core they need to make signs, to how many bottles for the centerpieces have already had their labels washed off, and how many still need washing.

Parts of the house are beginning to resemble science fair projects in progress: a bottle arrangement hung on a Command strip hook on the kitchen wall testing whether the hook really will hold the necessary weight long enough, arrangements of moss and ferns in different combinations of tea lights, votive holders, and cylinder vases aimed at finding the optimal level of woodsy cute while preventing the heat of the tea lights from crisping the ferns.  There are piles of wrapping paper runners on the dining room table, and a large garment bag holding a wedding dress hanging in the hall.  AnniPotts is both stressed beyond belief and deliriously happy.  These two states alternate at varying frequencies.  Occasionally they get the schedule wrong, and she is both at once.  This is somewhat challenging for her, but we have confidence that once the wedding day is actually here, the deliriously happy will take over.  That’s the goal anyway.

An aside: While we’re on the topic, one of the things that is stressing AnniPotts out is that she doesn’t have enough strings of white Christmas lights to light the hall like she would wish.  She was hoping to have enough that she doesn’t have to turn on the ugly industrial fluorescent lights.  However, we don’t seem to have as many on hand as we thought, and she can’t afford to go buy more right now.  So if you live in or near the Dayton area, and would be willing to lend us some white Christmas lights, particularly if you would be able/willing to help get them to us sometime before June 25, please comment or send me a message to let me know!

My own part in all this Wedding Stuff has been small.  Besides thinking about the wedding present I’m making, my own health concerns have kept me quite occupied.  Even now, I am content to let AnniPotts and Indy fret over things while I sit over on the couch, happily embroidering pretty things for AnniPotts to enjoy.  Speaking of which, I need to show you this:



The present that I am making is a pretty, Victorian/steampunk inspired (AnniPotts is a huge fan of Girl Genius) sleep set.  The top is pintucked within an inch of its life, with embroidery and eyelet insertion.  The shorts are a little simpler.  The main ornament is the monogram at the hip, which combines the initials of AnniPotts’ maiden and married names.


It’s another whitework sampler, like the garment tag I made a little while ago.  I’m particularly proud of the progression between the interlaced band stich on the downstroke of the A merging into Pekinese stitch on the cross stroke, that turns into a cabled chain stitch as it curves around, and then morphs into button hole stitch scallops on large chain stitches as it goes down again. Oh, and the bullion roses.  Those just make me so happy!

wpid-img_20140615_171849.jpgIt’s just so pretty!  It amazes me that you can take something so simple as a needle, thread, and a piece of cloth, and something like this is the result.  I also think that this is evidence of the impact of Pinterest on my life.  Pretty much everything I did here, from the individual stitches, to the inspiration that made me want to do it in the first place, I found on Pinterest.


That includes this little edging that I put around the hem of the legs, and the illustration from a vintage sewing book that reminded me how to work button holes.  Those are where the ribbon ties are going to go, by the way.  Now the piece just needs a nice wash and press before I put the ribbons in, and it’s really done.

Now I have another pretty, pretty thing that I’m working on.  I’m hoping that it will be a quick project (famous last words), and I’ll have pictures to show you soon.  And sooner or later, I promise you’ll get to see the invitations, which are truly glorious.  Indy offered to photograph them for me (she’s a way better photographer than I am) and specially blur the personal information so that we could protect AnniPotts and Cuthbert’s privacy while also showing the world how beautiful they are.  However, between wedding prep, taking care of me, and trying to keep up with her daily necessities (like, oh, going to work and stuff), she hasn’t had a moment to do it.  So it might be a little while.  But, honey, these invitations are worth the wait!

Today I am praying for Hauwa Tella.