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St. Basilides & Companions

The Young Queen and I are sitting in the same room together (something that doesn’t happen very often), and resolutely not talking to each other.  Both of us have work we need to do – she has various job-related emails, I have a blog post to write – but if we start talking neither of us will get a thing done.  I was thinking about what it says about our friendship that we can be in the same room and silent with one another.  Though perhaps just saying that she is here, specifically to help me as I recover from my surgery, is enough.  Regardless, I am very glad that she has come!

My smooth recovery from surgery has become a bit bumpy.  I haven’t been recouping my strength or energy the way I would like.  Last weekend the reason for this slowness became plain when my incision reopened in two places, showing the infection that had been beneath.  The openings are not large, so the doctor prescribed a regimen of frequent dousing with hydrogen peroxide followed by clean dressings.  I dutifully doused, and by the time I saw him on Monday, the infection was mostly gone.  However, one of the openings is still there, and will require careful tending until it closes.  So I am continuing with the peroxide treatment, and we’ll see how things are in a week.

Meanwhile, The Young Queen has been awesome, helping relieve Mom and Indy a bit, and being rather strict about not allowing me to overtax myself.  This is a good thing – I tend to just keep going until I’m utterly exhausted and near collapse.  So a friend who doesn’t hesitate to turn off the movie and send me off to bed is a rare and wonderful friend indeed.  She’s also been doing lovely things like tending my rose garden, something I’ve only had time to occasionally think about with regret.  She tells me that both my white and pink roses are blooming, which makes me very happy.  I’m hoping that by the end of this week I might be well enough to walk over and see for myself.

Everyone is very busy around here these days.  The preparations for AnniePott’s wedding are starting to enter the final phase.  Indy has another craft night scheduled for Wednesday, where hopefully we’ll be able to produce the miles of garlands needed to decorate the reception site.  The Duchess and 007 are working hard on getting their new house habitable.  They’re getting closer – the electricity is on now, and hopefully any time they’ll have the plumbing to the point where they can get the water turned on.  Right now the plan is to start actually living there in early July.  They’ve had a long, hard struggle to get into a place of their own, and I know they’re looking forward to it very much!

My busyness is mostly working on the Super Secret Wedding Project, and doing my best to get better.  It is a little frustrating to have so much technically free time on my hands, and so little energy to do anything with it!  Hopefully that will fix itself soon .  I can’t wait until it does!

Today I am praying for Rebecca Kabu.