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St. Joanna

My dears, we are in the home stretch now. My surgery is less than a week away.  I spent yesterday tying up the last loose ends at work.  On Thursday I finished training the girl who will be sitting in for me while I’m out. My prescriptions for post-surgery meds are filled, and this morning I went in for the pre-op blood work and EKG. Now all that’s left is getting my house in tolerable order (good enough that I can leave it for at least two weeks), and packing up what I’ll need at Mom & Dad’s after the surgery. So this weekend I’m doing laundry, and trying to sort out crafting supplies.

However, we are not out the woods yet. Last weekend I started bleeding again. Pretty badly. The same horrible floods that I had really hoped to never experience again. My doctor prescribed meds that are supposed to be helping, but so far I can’t tell that they’re doing anything.  So the past week has been an exercise in sheer hanging on by my fingernails endurance.

Honestly, I am so done with this. If my house were in order, I would be happy to go this minute to the nearest ER, where they would probably give me a blood transfusion and then rush me into emergency surgery. But I’m not ready, and my regular surgery date is so close, and it would just be so much fuss. It’s easier to stay home, pop iron supplements, and put a load of laundry through when I can stand up that long. And, yes, I’ve talked about this with my doctor.

Plus, I’m not doing this alone. AP is here right now doing odd jobs for me. He just ordered a pizza, so I don’t have to figure out lunch. Mariah has invited me to dinner, and then I’ll be at the Family Homestead tomorrow. Monday morning Ms. Jones is taking me to breakfast, and the Young Queen is making plans to come help look after me after the surgery. Little by little, I’m being helped towards my finish line.

I don’t know how much blogging I will be able to do over the next few weeks. It might be very little, or you might get whole painkiller-fueled screeds. (A particular Rx painkiller both makes me chatty and also lowers my inhibitions against telling the world my opinions on everything. At length. Yes, I do have some inhibitions on that.  Oh, hush!) Either way, sooner or later I’ll let you know how this goes. I always do. Please keep me in your prayers until then.

Four days until surgery.

Today I am praying for Kume Mutah.