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St. Pascal Baylon

This week I’ve been training the young lady who is going to sit in for me while I am out recovering after my surgery.  I had forgotten how much energy it takes to do something, at the same time  tell someone else what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and then hand it over to them and coach them through doing the same thing. It’s been a little intense. When I leave work I’m all ready to do my best impression of a wet noodle.

The good news is that I think she’s really getting it, and not only will she have a fighting chance of making it through the six weeks in good order, but the people she’ll be taking care of will too. The bad news is that I’ve been so wiped out in the evenings that I haven’t been able to do things like laundry, much less all the million and one things I want to take care of before I’m out of commission for a while. This is everything from getting sewing projects cut out so I can work on them later, to painting the bathroom window, thoroughly cleaning the house so it won’t be awful when I come home again, and doing laundry so I can pack for my stay at Mom and Dad’s after I leave the hospital. Oh, and making that packing list in the first place.  And getting my painkiller prescriptions filled. And…. yeah.

Anyway, all of this is to say there hasn’t been much time for blogging. However, I had to share this one thing with you: AnniPotts asked AP if he would help get the drinks for her wedding. This week the grocery store had a 10/$10 2L sale. So he stocked up. This is what his back seat looked like when he picked me up from work Friday:


That’s not including more in the trunk. Once he got them home, he had fun figuring out the best way to stack them.


I like the color block effect when it’s next to the fireplace.


But I think the Christmas tree on the futon is my favorite. Too bad they’re probably going to need to use their futon between now and the end of June!

Today I am praying for Gloria Dama.

11 days until surgery.