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Bl. Anthony Middleton & Bl. Edward Jones

So I’ve always figured that becoming an Aunt carries with it certain rights and responsibilities.  There’s several rules and regulations surrounding presents (thou shalt give them, and forever cherish any you receive in return, at least until the child who gave it is over the age of 18), and some regarding babysitting.  There’s also the sacred right to pump the child full of sugar/caffeine and then send him or her home to the parents.  That one carries a corollary that should the aunt acquire children of her own, the parents have the right to reciprocate in kind (this also applies to any noise or mess-making presents), so the wise Aunt only indulges in it judiciously.

However, one of the Aunt responsibilities I cherish most is teaching my siblings’ progeny important life skills (see also: teaching Sweet Pea to say Crivens!).  For example, when I discovered that Sweet Pea loves black olives, I immediately saw that it was deeply necessary that she should learn to eat black olives off of her fingers while her fingers were still small enough to fit into the holes.  This past Sunday I happened to have a spare can of black olives left over from making the salad Indy requested for her birthday brunch.  So once the salad was assembled, I poured the rest of the olives into a small bowl, and went out to do my duty.

2014-02-16_13-57-16_117It turns out that it’s pretty easy skill to teach.  Pretty much I just popped olives onto Sweet Pea’s fingers and let nature take its course.  She was initially a little confused, but she caught on pretty fast.

2014-02-16_13-57-24_12And then she was hooked.  She loved it.  She couldn’t get enough, eating about equal amounts off her fingers and straight from the bowl.  When I finally took the bowl of black olives away from her right before lunch, she cried, “Where my olives go!”  It was kinda awesome.  But it got better.  When The Little Philosopher saw Sweet Pea eating olives, she decided she needed to get in on the action too.  So I stuck some olives on her fingers too.

2014-02-16_13-58-25_517She had to consider it a little, but pretty soon she was munching black olives down too.  The whole having an olive on her finger tip seemed rather fascinating.  She didn’t really want to eat as many olives (after a while she opened her mouth and gave me back a mouthful of chewed up olive bits that she hadn’t bothered to swallow).  But even then she wanted me to put more on her fingers.  So I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I’ve also been working on other Aunt-ly duties, specifically those regarding presents.  Fleur had a birthday recently, and finally received her much-longed-for American Girl doll.  She has been wanting this for quite a while, and had been disappointed a couple of times, so this was a Very Big Deal.  This was also a big deal for her aunts, since several of us had been busily bookmarking American Girl crafting projects that we’d had to put on hold.  As soon as I heard for sure that Fleur’s doll had really, truly arrived, I quick printed out a couple of patterns and started work on some very small pajamas and a couple pairs of underwear.  I had a t-shirt and a pair of undies done to give Fleur on Sunday, but unfortunately I ran out of time to take pictures.  However, I’ve got two pairs of pajama pants cut out, plus another t-shirt and pair of undies, so hopefully I can make that up.  So there’s lots of very cute small clothes in my, and Fleur, and your future.  Just thought I’d let you know.

Also, stay tuned, and I’ll have an update on my medical situation coming later this week.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.