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St. Thomas Aquinas

2014-01-24_19-12-41_851Well, hello there.  Um.  Long time no see?  Sorry about that.  By way of amends, would you perhaps accept this picture of my new nephew, born just last week?  I took it while he was sleeping in my arms, which makes me smile big, gooey smiles.  He’s Sae and Mr. T’s second-born, and the first nephew we’ve had easy access to right from the first.   He’s teeny-tiny, just over five pounds, and I think he has this father’s nose and eyebrows.  I don’t have a nickname for him yet, though for a bit I was considering Little Frog, for the way he likes to sleep with his legs pulled up, or maybe Wolf Boy, for the hickey he left on his father’s neck while searching vainly for sustenance one long, dark night (he’s not so good at that sleeping at night thing).  But neither one seem quite right.  So I’ll have to get to know him a little better, and see what comes up.

Ironically, my lack of blogging has not been due to lack of news, but rather from an excess of news.  There has been so much going on, so much to process and deal with, and struggle towards decisions.  It all turned into a sort of writing traffic jam, and nothing could get through.  But lately the traffic jam has been slowly easing into a more orderly progression of thoughts, which is such a relief.  These are the things that have been all jamming up (besides the lovely little boy pictured above):

Medical Stuff: About a week and a half ago, I had my appointment with the specialist to find out what my next steps are.  He recommends first a two month course of a very powerful drug to hopefully shrink the fibroid living in my abdomen, followed by an abdominal myomectomy, which is essentially a C-section.  He thinks this is the treatment most likely to both get rid of the fibroid once and for all, but also help ensure that I might still be able to have children in the future.  I’m on board with the surgery.  However, the more I learn about the drug he wants me to take (which is officially classified as hormonal chemotherapy), the more I think it sounds like a Very Bad Idea (if you want more info about that, send me an email or something and I’ll discuss it privately).  He says that he’d be willing to do the surgery without the pre-treatment, but he would have to use a larger incision, resulting in more pain, slower healing, etc.  I wouldn’t start the drug until next month, so I have some time to consider things.  In the meantime, I have an appointment next week with another doctor to get a 2nd opinion.  Either way, the surgery seems pretty unavoidable.  So sometime in the next few months, we’re going to be doing that again.

Mom has been having some health news of her own.  She has a history of heart problems, so when she started feeling pressure in her chest a little while back, the doctor recommended a heart catheterization.  She had that last week (last week was a very eventful week).  The very good news is that it didn’t show anything to be concerned about.  However, if you would keep her in your prayers as well, that would be great.

Also, it would be great if you would pray for one of my friends.  She was expecting her baby daughter in February, but when her blood pressure suddenly zoomed up, they induced her early.  She had her baby last Tuesday, and it seemed like her blood pressure was coming down again.  She and the baby came home Thursday, but this weekend her pressure started going back up.  On Saturday she was admitted to the hospital again so that they could monitor her more closely, and she is still there.  So please keep both her and her daughter in your prayers!

Fun With Cars: While I was on my way to my specialist appointment, my car broke down.  There were alarming noises, black smoke, and being stranded on the side of the highway while semis whooshed by me at very high speeds.  My mother came out and rescued me, got me to my appointment on time, and then got AAA to tow my car to the mechanic (see also: my mom is awesome).  The whole thing was full of adrenaline, madcap capers, and would have made a very amusing blog post, except I’m getting really tired of writing hopefully amusing blog posts about car trouble.  Then, to cap it all off, once my mechanics had a chance to look at the thing, they informed me that the car had thrown a rod, which had blown the top out of one of the cylinders, destroying the engine and effectively totaling the car.  Yeah.

The only comfort in this is that my mechanics say it was just one of those things that sometimes happens, that I could not have known it was coming, and there is no preventative maintenance I could have done to stop it.  But that’s cold comfort.  I just went through this less than six months ago.  Dealing with trying to scrape together money I don’t really have, when I also need to scrape together money for a major surgery, and all the other headaches that go with finding another car feels very discouraging and overwhelming.  In the meantime, I am driving my parents huge van (again with the major theme of My Parents Are Awesome).  In one way it’s been pretty handy since apparently winter got lost on its way to Minnesota and settled over southern Ohio instead.  Ridiculously cold mornings with scarey road conditions are easier to deal with when you’re driving a car that can get through pretty much anything.  On the other hand, the van gets about 10 miles to the gallon.  So, yeah.  I’m working on finding a good car, and finding the funds the pay for it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, and if you’re the praying type, please say a prayer for me too.

In Other News: Well, it’s been cold.  And snowy.  Lots of that.  I’ve been working on getting caught up on house and life stuff.  It feels like, between the bleeding, and the surgery, and the holidays, I kinda lost three months of my life.  I have been making some good headway, and I’m beginning to feel almost back to where I was before all this started.  The funny thing is, the more I’m trying to be all responsible and deal with the Big Things Happening, the more my inner child wants to come out to play.  So even though I totally should be making baby things, and Fleur’s birthday present, and finishing the new work skirt I desperately need and whatever, instead there’s been an awful lot of painting peg dolls, and researching how to build a cardboard castle.  So, you know, you’ll probably see some of that in the days ahead.

Oh, and Sherlock started again.  Did I mention Sherlock?  Cuz, you know, there’s this:

high functioning sociopath with your number

and also this

molly sherlock kissAnd that just makes everything better.