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St. Frodobert

2013-11-22_07-32-40_609My dears, I have been holding out on you.  You see, I have been making things.  And even though I haven’t been making quite as many things as I would like, still I’m pretty proud of what I’ve made.  First on the list is this cherries brooch I made for Aunt C, as a thank you for the ways she’s been amazingly sweet to me.  She has a Thing for cherries, so when I decided I should make her something, I knew immediately what it would be.  I used two of the wool felt beads I’ve been playing with lately, added some hand-embroidered leaves, and sewed a pin back on behind.  Aunt C was pretty thrilled, which made me pretty thrilled, so it was a winner all around.

2013-12-29_12-19-28_189This was my Really Big Christmas Project this year: a hand-sewn felt doll for Fleur using the Mimi Kirchner pattern on PurlBee.  She had requested it after seeing the doll I made for Honey last year.  I am especially pleased with how the face turned out, particularly the eyes (she has very fine eyes).  I decided to draw my own face on instead of using the provided template, since I thought it came out kinda stiff last time.  I particularly liked adding the white reflection highlight on the eye, something I picked up from Story Book Toys by Jill Hamor (more about that book later).  I do think the lips turned out a little big, but all in all, I’m pretty pleased.

2013-12-29_12-20-41_663I used the basic dress pattern that’s provided, edging the sleeve openings and hem with lace.  The embroidery on the skirt and around the neck is accented with silver-lined clear seed beads for a little sparkle.  Both the flower in her hair and at her waist are actually sewn to tiny safety pins, so they can be removed and repositioned.  The flowers are also accented with beads.  In the back, the dress closes with two tiny pearl buttons, but I totally forgot to take a picture of that.

2013-12-29_12-23-14_290The doll is button jointed at the hips, so she can sit up all on her own, which is a particularly fun feature.  The more I sew this pattern, the more I like it.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is the hair.  I think if I keep making these dolls, I’m going to have to figure out something I like better.

2013-11-24_14-18-54_24Before I made Fleur’s doll, I made this elephant as a birthday present for Honey.  We haven’t really celebrated her birthday before, so I figured it would be good to kinda make up for lost time!  This is the elephant sewing caddy from Jill Hamor’s Story Book Toys.  The moment I saw it, I knew that I had to make it.  The little hat, the trunk that holds a thimble, the saddle blanket that holds needles on one side and scissors on the other – it was just gorgeous.

2013-11-24_14-19-32_520It turned out so ridiculously cute.  When Honey unwrapped it at her birthday party, the whole table gasped.  It was a proud moment.

2013-11-23_13-30-06_249The other big project I haven’t shared with you guys yet is a little bigger.  This is my new bedroom, the source of much woe & angst before my surgery.  This was taken before I painted the fireplace.  That dark blue was left over from a previous tenant.  They painted the ceiling the same color.  You can see my printout of the Van Gogh painting I got my color inspiration from propped on the mantle.

2013-11-24_09-05-25_429And here it is with my pink fireplace.  The framed pieces are the beginnings of a gallery I’m planning to put up over the fireplace.  The bee illustration was a card envelope that Boy-O and The Absent-Minded Professor made for me when they were maybe 4 and 7 years old.  I think one of them drew it and the other colored it in.

2013-11-24_09-04-23_392The only other pink in the room is the closet door.  I carefully accented just the insides of the trim.  It’s a tiny thing, but it makes me happy.

My room is still very much a work in progress, and I figure I’ll be posting pictures of various improvements as I make them for some time.  My latest project has been making necklace and ribbon racks from thread-wrapped tree branches.  Plus, there are now curtains on those windows.  But that will have to wait for another post.