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St. Catherine Laboure

This is something I need to remember: Sometimes when it feels like the sky is falling, the real problem is that I forgot to eat a meal, and my blood sugar is low.  Instead of going to cry in a corner, it would be a better idea to go eat a sandwich.

Also, when I get low, I have pictures of ridiculously cute nieces and nephews to fall back on.

2013-11-24_12-36-19_7Witness Pigeon, Honey, and Sweet Pea sharing a moment.

2013-11-24_14-19-41_278And this one, the blurriness suggesting the average speed at which the Little Philosopher moves.

2013-11-24_14-20-15_614And then there’s this little guy, who I guess technically is my first cousin once removed (I had to google it).  He’s AJ’s first born son, Aunt M and Uncle G’s first grandchild, here being much more interested in an empty bucket than in his grandfather.

All of these were taken at the big family get-together we had on Sunday.  AJ and her parents had traveled up from DC to spend a little time with us while Big Brother and his family were in town, and another group of cousins and first cousins came up from Cincinnati to spend the afternoon too.  None of us has a house quite big enough for a group that large, so we headed out to the parish where Mr. T works, and took over their parish hall for the afternoon.

During lunch, I noticed that Fleur was being unusually quiet, and I found out that she wasn’t feeling well.  So we got her settled in a comfy chair with a cup of peppermint tea, and a small sewing project.  For a while, AP came and kept her company.

2013-11-24_14-20-19_661The project Fleur was working on was a Tiny Kitty stuffie, after the pattern/tutorial by Abby Glassenberg of While She Naps.  I had brought felt and stuffing along to work on a small project I’d started with Honey, but then it came in handy as something quiet for Fleur to do.  After a while, I noticed that the other couch in the corner had filled up with various sized girls, daughters of my Cincinnati cousins.  They looked fabulously bored, too old to run around the hall and squeal with the toddlers, too young to enjoy sitting around and talking with the grown-ups.  So I asked them if they would like to make a kitten too.  They would, and before I knew it, I was tutoring four little girls through the intricacy of running stitch and whip stitch, how to keep your needle threaded, and exactly how much stuffing is enough.

It was really fun, and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves a lot.  One of the girls told me that she had never actually been able to sew before.  She said that when her grandma gave her sewing lessons, it was mostly her watching her grandmother do things, that she never got to take more than a stitch herself.  She has a little sewing kit, with directions for how to make Barbie clothes, but she could never figure out how the needle and thread thing worked, so she’d been gluing the pieces of cloth together.  She was so thrilled with her kitten that first she came up with a Song of Kitten Joy, and then an interpretive dance to be performed while singing said song.  It was pretty awesome.

The funny thing is, I spent the whole time hanging out with the little girls, and barely talked to my adult relatives at all.  I feel a little regretful about that (I have some very cool relatives).  But I think it maybe was a good thing for me.  I am getting rather worn out, physically and emotionally.  An afternoon on the couch, busy enough that I didn’t have time to think about the things that are stressing me out, was perhaps just what I needed.  And that’s good.