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St. Elizabeth of Hungary

This morning, little by little, people started gathering at the Family Homestead.  I was the first to arrive, with my load of samgyeopsal supplies.  Mom and Indy were already in the kitchen making fried chicken.  I settled in at the dining room table to shred green onions for the pajori,  green onion salad that goes with samgyeopsal while Dad vacuumed the living room floor.  Soon Boy-O arrived with his girlfriend, and went upstairs to take a shower.  007 and The Duchess came with The Little Philosopher (though I think I may be revising her nickname soon), and 007 took over sweeping from Dad.  Soon we had AnniPotts, Cuthbert, and The Absent-Minded Professor too.

I persuaded a few of my brothers and brothers-in-law to come move a little furniture for me (I just acquired the most beautiful china cabinet, but more about that later), and when we got back, Rosie, Mariah, Big Brother, Sunny, Honey, and Pigeon (he coos, people, seriously, it’s the most adorable thing) had come.  The house was beginning to get pretty crowded.  And then first Fleur, and then Sae, Mr. T, and Sweet Pea came through the door.  And AnniPotts started to cry.  Because for the first time ever, all of us were together under one roof.

It was a good party.  We set up the samgyeopsal grill out in the living room (it’s tasty, tasty Korean grilled pork belly wrapped in lettuce with dipping sauce and green onions to make a lovely little packet of deliciousness you pop into you mouth and eat in one big bite).  With all the in-laws and children, the house was bursting at the seams.  Thankfully, the weather was mild enough that people could sit out on the front porch, and the kids could run around the back yard.  Fleur and Honey discovered that they like playing with each other just as much now as they did two years ago.  There were party hats.  We sang Happy Birthday to Honey, and gave her awesome presents.  The three toddlers bopped around the house at knee level (in the rare moments when they weren’t in someone’s arms) like small pinballs in a massive family pinball game.  We tested Sweet Pea on her ability to say various people’s names (she can say hematite, but she still doesn’t know my name, le sigh).  We were a whole family, together and complete for the first time in two years.

It was wonderful.