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St. Albert the Great

I’ve never felt the pull of cosplay (dressing up in costume as a beloved fictional character), though I am in awe of the amazing costume work many cosplayers do.  Even if I do occasionally have vague longings for a kick-butt Mama Gkika costume (and, really, who doesn’t?), the closest I’ve ever gotten was that one time I baked Jeff Smith a quiche.  But if I were going to cosplay, say Loki while going to go see the latest installment of Thor (which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way), this is how I would do it.

I think this is what I want my birthday party next year to be.  Except we’ll be in the homestretch of AnniPotts wedding, so maybe the year after? Fairies! And Dinosaurs! At Versailles!

So one of the ways I’ve been dealing with my anxiety about my upcoming surgery has been obsessing about having the right comfy clothes to wear while recovering.  I’m told you want to avoid waistbands that might irritate healing scars for a while, so this means nightgowns, and since I live in a 100 year old townhouse that we keep rather cool to try to avoid horrific heating bills, it also means flannel.

Now any normal person would toddle off to their local neighborhood big box store, or possibly nearest internet portal, and order up a couple warm nightgowns, a robe or two, some fuzzy slippers, and call it a day.  But it’s been a long, long time since anyone called me normal, and instead I’ve been thinking deeply about things like poodle prints and whether using a peasant blouse pattern or a huipil as my model would yield a more comfortable garment.  And then I saw some designs from Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2013 collection, and I immediately wanted to rip them off in flannel nightgown form.

US Fall 13-18 US Fall 13-31And maybe that’s not the most flattering thing ever – to look at a couture design and think, “Oooooh!  Nightgown!”  But still, they would be pretty cute, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, in other news, Big Brother and his family arrive in town tonight.  Well, really they arrive in Columbus.  A special greeting party is heading up to fetch them – Sae and The Duchess with their respective babies, plus Dad.  They’ll have a quiet dinner over at the Family Homestead, and then tomorrow I have plans to go grocery shopping with Sunny at the Asian grocery store so she can make sure I’m buying the right stuff to make samgyeopsal.  Depending on how jet lagged they are, there might also be a trip to the Farmers Market.

Which reminds me.  I need to finish making Honey’s birthday present.  But more about that later.