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I’ve decided to start a new feature, at least for this month, and who knows, maybe longer of my latest fun internet finds.  Kinda like the link-arounds I used to have, but hopefully more on the quick and easy side.  So these are my favorite things that I’ve found lately -just click on the images to see the source:

“I’m being raised by wolves.” onesie, from eggagogo – so awesome.  I have to resist the urge to buy this for every single one of my nieces and nephews.  It helps that the only one it would fit is Sae’s latest one, ETA January.  Oh, wait, except they have it in a kids t-shirt too…

Did you know that Rembrandt drew elephants?

Lately I’ve been getting more into the awesomeness that is papercraft.  I found this alphabet the other day, and I utterly love it.  Though I’m going to have to brush up on my cutting & gluing skills.  I was trying to make the J today for a work friend, and it utterly defeated me.  I’m blaming it on substandard glue.  Dang it.

However, I did put together one of these turkeys, and it was so awesome, I made another one to give to my police buddies (my own little contribution towards their job satisfaction).

A great post from A Cup of Jo: How to take pictures at parties – makes me want to throw lots of holiday parties, and have my guests take fun pictures, and we would have such a great time, and everyone on facebook would be envious of how cool we are.

From the lovely ladies at Orthogals, a little something to help single people through the holidays.  Or really any family occasion.  Because if you can laugh about it, hopefully you’re less likely to commit physical violence.

Speaking of holiday parties, how awesome is this cheese ball?

Though I think I’m much more likely to spend my holidays curled up in a corner wearing something like this.  And that’s not so bad either.

Happy Friday!