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St. Martin de Porres

There is something so luxurious about the Sunday morning when Daylight Savings Time ends.  You wake up with the sun already streaming through the windows, and for a moment you think you’ve overslept.  But then you remember – we set the clocks back an hour last night.  It’s still early.  You can snooze a while longer in the lovely, warm bed, secure in the knowledge that even though it feels decadently late, you can still get up most virtuously early.  The whole day stretches before you, full of possibilities.  It’s wonderful.

Of course, this will be followed by the afternoon, when it gets dark unnaturally early, and suddenly you realize that it really is getting close to winter.  It’s time to start drinking warm things out of thick mugs, and piling the blankets on the bed.  It’s time for flannel sheets, and hot water bottles, and thick, soul sustaining soups and braises for dinner.  The Starks are always right – winter is coming, and we’d better get ready for it.

Today, I think, my way of preparing for cold weather will be a combination of sewing and cooking.  Sunday is usually the main day I have to cook, getting ready the stuff that will become easy breakfasts and dinners all week.  I have a recipe for Bolognese pasta sauce I want to try.  It requires four hours slow braising in the oven, perfect for an overcast Sunday afternoon.  And then there are sweet potatoes and turnips to roast in the oven at the same time, and a few other things I’ve been wanting to try.

At the same time, Sunday is also the main uninterrupted sewing time I have.  So I have some pieces of flannel that need to be prewashed before I turn them into warm nightgowns (I figure the right convalescent wear is essential for a quick recovery).  There’s also a hand-sewn cardigan that’s getting close to done, and the new fleece coat I’ve been planning for some time.  The pieces are all cut out, and have been waiting patiently draped over the back of a dining room chair for weeks now.  I just need to sew it together, and we’d be in business.  Maybe I’ll get to that today too.

That will take me through most of the afternoon, but then about four o’clock it will be time to pack it all up and head over to the Family Homestead.  Mom and Dad are having the two local sets of aunts and uncles over to help celebrate Sae and The Duchess’s birthdays.  We had their official Birthday Brunch a while ago, but Mom decided that with all the in-laws and grandkids we’re accumulating, adding aunts and uncles to the mix was a bit much.  She didn’t want them to be left out either, so she set up this later event just for them.  I’ve promised to make Yorkshire Pudding, so I’ll need to get over there in time to get that in the oven.

Writing it all out, it sounds like a rather marvelous day.  I hope that it ends up being as warm as it sounds, and I hope that each of you has a warm and luxurious Sunday ahead of you, full of good food, interesting things to do, and family.