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Feast of All Saints

Today is The Young Queen’s birthday, and in her honor, I would like to share a little story.  She and I met back in 2002 when we were assigned to the same traveling youth ministry team.  This meant that we were destined to travel across the United States in a van together for the next nine months, along with eight other Catholic young adults, challenging young Catholics to love Christ and to embrace the life of His Church.  (Yes, it’s ten years later, and yes, I can still tell you the mission statement.)  This was my second year doing this, and The Young Queen was the team member that I asked God for.

You see, while there were a lot of awesome people on my first team (Paco, JohnJohn, so many others), there was no one who really understood my deep and passionate attachment to books.  JohnJohn was a budding philosophy nerd, but even he didn’t completely understand.  It was a hard year in general, but the lack of a team mate who spoke my language made things just that much harder.  So when I finally gave in to the call to come back and do another year, I asked God to please, please send me someone who would understand.  And he sent me The Young Queen: another lover of books from a large and eccentric Catholic family who ate far too much health food (my parents are devout Catholic hippies who pray like Pentecostals).  We had even read some of the same sortof obscure children’s novels based on Bible stories.  She is one of the best gifts God ever gave me, and part of what made coming back to do my second year of ministry one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

During our year of ministry, it came time to go home for Christmas.  The Young Queen and I were the only two taking the train and bus home, both of which left at absurdly early hours.  So very early in the morning, when everyone else was still asleep, we met Paco in the main lobby so that he could take us to the stations.  One of the random things there was a life size Spiderman cutout that someone had dressed up dressed up with a Santa hat and Christmas lights.  I thought this was hilarious, and had made a big deal over it.  When The Young Queen came down, I pointed the Spiderman out to her, and she instantly went over to it, and started making a big deal over it too.  I watched her a moment, then turned to Paco.  “There’s two of us!” I said.  He just shook his head with resignation, and said, “Yeah… I know.”

Happy birthday, Young Queen!  I’m so glad there’s two of us!

In other news, since I got a unanimous response in favor of me taking up the NaBloPoMo challenge, I’m going to give it a try!  My goal is to post every day, with the understanding that I may miss a day or two somewhere in there.  If I am able to post on 90% of the days in November (27 in case you want to keep track), I will consider it a success.

Let the posting commence!