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St. Luke

Yesterday was my two year anniversary at my job.  This is a big deal, because it means that my PTO accrual rate is about to go up.  The way my job does it, you get so much PTO per hour that you work.  Up until now I’ve been at a lower rate that gave me just about exactly enough to cover holidays, family vacation, and the occasional sick day.  My rate hasn’t gone up a ton, but it does add up.  According to my calculations, and barring anything awful happening, sometime around April or March next year I’ll have built up enough PTO that I could maybe actually use some for, I dunno, stuff.  Like going to visit friends in other parts of the country, or indulging in a retreat (I haven’t been to Gethsemani in far too long), or who knows?  The possibilities are endless!

Right now, I think there are a few trips I’ve been wanting to make for a long, long time.  They are, in no particular order:

  • Visit Aunt C in New York.  It’s always a joy to spend time with my aunt & uncle, plus there are so many cool things in New York to do!  Shopping for fabric in the Garment District!  Visiting Purl Soho!  Broadway Shows!  Museums!  Maybe even going dancing!  So much fun.
  • Take a quick trip to see The Young Queen, either at Notre Dame where she’s finishing up her Masters, or in Wisconsin where as an added bonus I could maybe see some of her family (whom I also like a lot), or possibly run over to the farm where Tree and Ivy II live to see them too.  I did get to see The Young Queen this past Spring when I went up to Notre Dame with my family for Mariah’s graduation.  So I might have to put it a little farther down on the list.
  • Head up to Seattle to visit KJ, who I haven’t seen since we met up in Pittsburgh the last time I went to PittStop.  Extra bonus: I could possibly also see Sky, and my relatives who live near Seattle, including Aunt M and a whole passel of cousins I almost never see.
  • Speaking of Pittsburgh, I haven’t seen JohnJohn and Ivy since I stopped going to PittStop, not to mention their ridiculously cute daughter.  Plus, I never did finish those gloves I promised Ivy as her wedding present.  Let’s not talk about how many years ago that was, though the fact that she now has a toddler might give you a clue…  But regardless, since I haven’t been able to lure them to Dayton, even with promises of Shakespeare and funny costumes, clearly I’m going to have to go there!
  • Gethsemani.  Because silence, and spending time looking into the face of God, and because that is my spiritual home, and I haven’t been there in far too long.

Right now the only trip that’s actually been planned has been a jaunt to Albuquerque to hang out with Pippi in April.  I’ve missed her a lot since the Air Force sent her away last Spring.  She was just back in town for the wedding of some mutual friends, and when we were having lunch on Monday we got our our calendars to pick a time.  I happened to notice that Captain America II is coming out the first weekend in April (well, of course I’ve got that on my calendar – don’t you?), and that settled it.  Then Pippi said that the movie theaters in Albuquerque aren’t very nice, and got the idea that she should fly up here on that Thursday, we could go to the midnight opening at the fancy, 3-D theater here in Dayton, then fly back to Albuquerque together the next day.  Which, flying back to Dayton just to watch a movie seems a little extreme, but it’s also pretty awesome.  And it would be fun, and those are the magic words for me any time.

So that’s the main idea.  I’ve been spending a little time daydreaming, looking at calendars and my PTO tracking spreadsheet (me and Excel, we’re like that).  Who knows how much of this will actually happen.  I might be able to take the time off, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be able to afford the plane tickets.  But for now, I’m looking forward to going places.