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My dears, this is my 1000th Blog Post, and that means I am announcing a winner!  The proud victor in the Name That Car 1000th Blog Post Contest is….

You should be doing a drumroll here.  No, really.

Thank you!

And the Winner Is!

Aunt Mary!  I picked the winner by the highly scientific method of writing all the entries on post-its, folding them up small, tossing them about, and then picking one with my eyes closed.  However, I am super pleased that Aunt Mary won.  Not only was her entry the most creative (even if it didn’t contain a knock-knock joke), but also she had to learn an entirely new skill and do something she had never done before in her life in order to enter.  You see, Aunt Mary had never posted a blog comment before.  In fact, her responses to my blog posts used to come as sweetly typed, lovingly mailed paper letters.  So this is really a big deal.

This is her winning entry:

There once was a young girl from Dayton,
Who said “Oh! my old car is fadin’ .
She found one that’s spruce,
And bought the Blue Goose,
and now she in no longer waitin’ (for a ride)

You see?  So much awesome.  And now my car is the Blue Goose.  Hurrah!

For the second part of my 1000th Blog Post Hoopla, and in honor of Aunt Mary’s Feat of Strength, I would like to open the floor for any questions any of you might want to ask.  Wondering what ever happened to that community garden I was working?  What that one person is up to now?  What my favorite kind of cheese is?  Who a particular nickname actually refers to?  Now’s your chance to ask!  All the usual caveats regarding public decency apply, and I reserve the right to answer your question privately.

And now a sneak peek of something fun to come:


But I’ll tell you about that later.  🙂