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Last Friday was the most marvelous day.  A while back I took the test to become a Public Notary (it would come in handy for the job), and passed.  So the next step is to collect my commission at the Bar Association, be sworn in, and then go register my commission with the County Deputy Clerk of Courts.  And, of course, this has to be done during specific hours, none of which are particularly convenient for me or my work.  In order to get this taken care of, I arranged things with my boss so that I would take Friday afternoon, go downtown to get everything taken care of, and then whatever time there was left in the afternoon, I would use PTO to cover and have at least part of the afternoon off.  So I did, and it was fabulous.

2013-08-16_12-40-41_226The weather was absolutely perfect – just cool enough to make walking around outside in a business suit comfortable, just warm enough that you could feel the sun on your face, high, clear blue skies, and the perfect amount of crisp breeze.  Plus, just being away from work in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday felt like I was playing hooky – that mischievous rush of freedom, like school just let out for the summer.  I felt like I could fly.

Being sworn in and registering my commission didn’t take too long, and before I knew it I was all done for the day.  So I picked up lunch, and headed home to sit in an open window and read while I ate.  I started to get a little drowsy, and thought luxuriant thoughts about napping.  But then I looked at the time and realized that it was time to go.  Mariah had invited people to go with her down to the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Vinoklet Winery down near Cincinnati.  We had gone down last year to see Tempest, and had a really great time.  This time, instead of going for the wine tasting dinner beforehand (tasty, but pricey), Mariah proposed stopping at Jungle Jim’s, the best, craziest grocery store in the world, to pick up a picnic dinner on the way down.  So we (Indy, AnniPotts, Cuthbert, Mariah, and myself) all piled into the car and headed down.

2013-08-16_17-26-58_385I love Jungle Jim’s so much.  It’s not just the Jungle-themed water features out front, or the animatronic Elvis lion inside, or even the way they stick whole hog’s heads out in the meat case right next to the pork chops (though I was rather taken aback when I asked one of the butchers for leaf lard, and he told me he’d never heard of it in his life).  I can, and have, spent hours wandering its aisles just looking at things.  Shopping at Jungle Jim’s can be and education in its own right!  But this was supposed to be a lightning visit, so I curbed my urge to fully explore the frozen gyoza selection, and just grabbed a few things.  It took some doing to get all of us back out to the car, but we made it.  And then, just as we had gotten all the food and drink packed in the trunk, and were ready to pile into the car, disaster struck.  Mariah had just put her car keys in her purse, and then locked it in the trunk.  We were stuck.2013-08-16_18-57-56_121Good thing it was an awfully pretty day, and of all the places to kill an hour and a half while you wait for the AAA guy to show up, Jungle Jim’s is a pretty good choice.  I ended up hanging out by the car with Mariah for most of it, leaning on the car corral and knitting while we chatted, and after a while Mariah read us part of a book from my kindle.  But soon enough the truck arrived, less than thirty seconds later the door was unlocked, and we were on our way to join Sae, Sweet Pea, and Fleur at the Winery.

2013-08-16_20-35-08_856Our spot was high up on the hillside, where we could enjoy sweeping views of the ridiculously picturesque vineyards, not to mention the stage below.  I quickly claimed Sweet Pea, and enticed her to stay with me by offering her the end of my baguette, which she happily gnawed on for the next hour or so, and bits of ham, her favorite food.  She loves it so much, she knows its name, and happily exclaims, “Ham!” in between bites.

2013-08-16_21-03-00_486It only got more beautiful as night fell.  All in all, it was just about the perfect day.

2013-08-17_15-30-55_902There’s not much more to say about the rest of the weekend.  I went to the Farmer’s Market Saturday morning, and got some gorgeous dahlias for my favorite vase.  Mariah and I watched Reichenbach Falls (the Sherlock Season 2 finale) in the evening.  Sunday was spent mostly puttering around the house nursing the summer cold/killer allergies I’ve been trying to pretend I don’t have.  And then back to work.

In other news, WordPress tells me that this is my 999th blog post.  I had a Cunning Scheme to announce the winner of the 1000th Blog Post Name That Car Contest in the next post, which I thought I would be posting, um, last week.  Yeah.  Never fear, that blog post is coming!  And I’ve got a few other little things up my sleeve.  Good times ahead!