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So I get to work this morning, feeling kinda put upon and rushed before I’d even dealt with my first employee, hoping against hope that a strong shot of coffee would do something to fix this headache I’ve been carrying for a couple of days now (related: wow, the sun was bright this morning!), and I go to check my blogs a little before I dive into the work of the day.  And lo and behold, half my blogs (well, not the sewing ones) had decided to go all serious and philosophical on me.  Bad Catholic has Why I Am Not A Heterosexual, Babes In Babylon has I Am Not an Independent Woman (ok, yeah, this posted last month, I’m a little behind), and even Seraphic has a piece on JP II and the current vocational confusion we’re living through.  Except the Darwins.  They, thank God, have Les Miz dis bear and silliness.  Which makes me giggle every time I look at it, and I am profoundly grateful.

Also, the coffee is helping.

It’s been an interesting week.  Buying a car is complicated, especially when you don’t have very much money.  I had a sort of breakthrough on Monday when I was looking at all kinds of cars, and feeling fairly overwhelmed.  I realized that what I really want is my old car back again, only maybe slightly newer and possibly with working AC or a working sound system – either one, I’m not picky.  And as luck would have it, when I started searching specifically for the make and model of my car, I found about half a dozen fairly nearby (I could within 60 miles as nearby) that are at or near my price range.  So now I  just need to get the financing arranged, and figure out times/ways to go look at these cars.  This is a little complicated, first because it involves money and applying for loans, and second because I don’t want to go alone, and I also don’t want to drive the Jesus van that far to go look at another car.  For one thing, showing up in that behemoth would telegraph loudly just how desperate I am to get a new vehicle, and for another, I’d have to take out another loan just to pay for the gas.  So this requires recruiting volunteers to help me, which is turning out to be difficult.  It seems that most of my family and friends don’t really view going used car shopping as a desirable leisure activity.  So far the only one who’s been willing to think about it is Pippi.  But I’m going to keep working on this.

In other news, well, there is quite a bit of news I haven’t been mentioning  for a while now.  Big things have been doing in my family, but it wasn’t my news to tell, so I’ve been keeping my mouth shut.  However, I’ve gotten approval from all the parties involved, and I am now delighted to announce that my family is expanding once again.  This is happening in two ways.  First, a while back Sae told us that she and Mr. T would be welcoming another little bundle of joy this coming January.  Lord knows my family loves nothing in the world so much as babies, so we are all utterly thrilled.

Second, a few weeks ago AnniPotts was celebrating her six month dating anniversary with her beau Cuthbert.  He decided to take advantage of the occasion to present her with a ring.  The engagement kind of ring.  AnniPotts said yes, and now we’re looking at another family wedding sometime next Summer.  And as delightful as new babies are, my sisters getting married to men who think they are one of the best things God ever created is even more delightful.  So we’re all very happy for the two of them.

The other really big news is that The Duchess and 007 are moving back to Dayton.  They’ve been wanting to move nearer for a while now, but the circumstances just kept not quite working out.  However, some good friends of theirs have offered them a place to live with an elderly relative who shouldn’t live alone anymore, and they decided to take the plunge.  So at the end of the month, we’ll have all the siblings except Big Brother living in Ohio again.  And that’s pretty good too.

And that’s the news!