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So I had this Cunning Plan where I was going to start having coworkers take pictures of me in my new work clothes while I was, you know, actually at work, and then post them.  That way I could not only show off the pieces I’ve been working so hard on, but also give you all a little peek into my office life, and maybe even do a sort of And This Is How I Wore It style post, like all the cool sewing and fashion bloggers do.  Except, well, the pictures turned out, shall we say, less than flattering.

To begin with, Maaji, who was my first “volunteer” is shorter than I am, so all of the pictures were shot slightly from beneath, an angle that gives me a look I like to call The Giant Ogress Coming To Trample The Little People.  It’s not as awful as it could have been.  It could be like that one picture of me from a Midsummer party years ago, where I’m wearing a floor length dark gray satin ballgown skirt, and look like I’m about to trample villages.  (I would love that picture so, so much, if only it were taken of anyone but me.)  But regardless, this is not a good look for me.  And then, I hadn’t realized quite how disheveled my hair had become driving back and forth to take my notary exam earlier that day (no AC = windows down on the highway), and apparently I really should have done something about those circles under my eyes.  Plus the clothes I’m trying to show off are all rumpled from being worn all day, and since the skirt was way too big for me anyway, it’s just.. not good.  In the end, the only picture I feel comfortable showing you is this one:


That’s me showing off my favorite part of my new Hummingbird skirt, the pocket lining.  Because who doesn’t need a little pirate in their day?  And no, my skirt is not really that cobalt blue.  It’s a dark, true navy.  But cameras are weird.


Oh, and I’ll show you this one, because it shows exactly what color the skirt actually is, and how ridiculously huge it turned out.  And don’t get me wrong.  I love this skirt.  I love the pattern.  It was so much fun to trace off exactly the size I needed based on my measurements (at least the size I thought I needed), and sew it up.  It went together so quickly, and so easily – probably the easiest pattern I’ve ever put together.  The pockets made up like a dream.  It was all so simple and so fast.  I cut out my fabric early Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night I was putting in the last stitch in the hem.  I was in lurve.

I tried it on for fit before I put on the waistband, and it looked big.  But I pinched an inch out at each side seam, and hollowed out the center front a little so the hem would hang straight, and I thought it would be perfect.  But it wasn’t.  It was still huge.  So big that when I put my cell phone in my lovely pirate pocket, it threatened to pull the whole skirt down (Sarge: “Girls getting wild up in HR!”).  I tried just dealing with it, not putting anything heavy in the pockets, pulling my top down over the waistband.  I could see from the silhouette that it really wanted to be a flattering skirt, all nicely pencil-y and things.  Just it was too big.

For a while I couldn’t think of any way to fix it that wouldn’t require multiple fittings, unpicking several miles of top-stitching, and undoing the best stitch-in-the-ditch job I think I’ve ever done in my life.  In the end I decided to open up the ends of the waistband, and use it as a casing to run some elastic through, just enough to snug it so it was wearable.  I did that Saturday, and it worked pretty well.  I can actually put things in the pockets now.  Unfortunately, the skirt looks a little like the awkward child of an A-line and a pencil skirt, courtesy of way too much room over the hips.  It’s good enough to wear, and if I hadn’t sewn the thing, and didn’t know how it was supposed to look, it probably wouldn’t bother me.  But since I did, and I do, it does.  I spent some time comparing the pattern I cut out with the fitting changes I had to make, and I think my solution is to go down one whole hip size, and to the next smaller waist size, and I think that will fit.  I think.

Maybe the measurements I took of myself are all wrong?  It does seem like when I sew to my measurements, the waist always has to be taken in.  I can’t tell you the number of skirts I own with safety pins pleating the waistband in to make it smaller.  So… I dunno.  But we’re going to try this again, and hopefully the second time will fit better.

In other news, on Wednesday I’ll be heading off to the wilds of Southern Ohio for our annual Family Vacation.  Hopefully this year we won’t lose power on account of an Epic Storm and end up basically camping out in a really, really nice house for our whole vacation.  One of the perks of the place where going (when they have power) is wireless, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up my blogging ways.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!