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I do love a good royal wedding, especially when it seems like the couple is happy to be marrying one another.  (If they’re transparently not happy, it’s not nearly so much fun.)  It satisfies both my inner romantic, and my not-so-inner love of gorgeous dresses.  For example, there’s Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, who married her personal trainer Daniel Westling in 2010.  Princess Victoria had to go through quite a bit to gain consent for her marriage, and seems to be very, very happy.  And now they have the most ridiculously cute toddler daughter, Princess Estelle (that picture of her running across the grass in national costume just kills me).  She’s not as cute as Sweet Pea or The Little Philosopher or Fleur or Honey, of course, but dang.  She’s cute.

And then there’s Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who met his wife when he was in Australia for the 2002 Olympic games.  They ran into each other at a bar, and hit it off.  He introduced himself as “Fred” with no mention of the His Royal Highness part.  I dare you to watch him watch her come down the aisle and not tear up at least a little.  Try it.  I dare you.  Yes, I know, it’s just that it’s hot in here and your eyes are sweating.  And of course there’s Wills and Kate, but I figure that goes without saying.

Anyway, the latest of the photogenic royals to head down the aisle is Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who fled to the US to get away from a horrible breakup, and met Chris O’Neill, an investment banker.  And Lord, these two were beaming so bright and wide you hardly needed the sun.  My inner romantic could not possibly be happier.  And to make it better?  My inner snark is enjoying itself tremendously courtesy of Go Fug Yourself, one of my favorite fashion blogs of all time.  I suggest you go check it out: Wedding, Wedding Guests, Rehearsal Dinner.

Anyone else out there a closet lover of royal weddings?