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Today has been a U2 kind of day.  I know, I’m surprised too.  But this morning when I woke up, I had Better Than The Real Thing stuck in my head.  It’s not a bad song to wake up to.  So when I needed a little music to help me stay focused this morning, I went and looked up what U2 I had on my phone.  I played Real Thing, and then She Moves In Mysterious Ways, and I thought, “You know, this is good music.  Why haven’t I listened to it in so long?”  Now I’ve got I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (which is a surprisingly mellow song for one all about dissatisfaction) playing, and I’m still liking it.  So it looks like it’s going to be a U2 day.  Gloria is up next.  Just in case you wanted to listen along.

Today at work an employee came in to fill out a new tax withholdings form.  I complimented her on the beaded fringe on her shirt, and she proceeded to demonstrate how the fringe swung nicely when she shimmied her chest, saying that this was why she chose that shirt.  I laughed so hard, and wanted to tell her stories, like that one time I demonstrated the shimmy for my swing dancing class, and one of my guy students looked spellbound, and asked me to do it again (I refused).  Or when Godiva was trying to teach me how to shimmy (I move my shoulders too much), and her demonstration was so mesmerizing that it stopped Bounce in his tracks.  From across the room.  Where he had been dancing with another girl.  But all of those stories would be so, so inappropriate to share at work, especially with employees I don’t know very well.  So I bit my tongue and just laughed instead.  But it made me feel like I needed to tell someone, so I’m telling you.  You’re welcome.

Last night I helped out at the Mission of Mary Farm again.  This is the first time I’ve been back since the last time I blogged about it.  My trip to Notre Dame for Mariah’s graduation got in the way, and then the Memorial Day holiday.  We worked on finishing the hugelkulture bed we started last time I was there.  This time we layered it with brush (I got to pull down an entire dead branch out of a tree, which was really fun, even if possibly a bit stupid), and then put the sod we dug out last time back on top.  Then it was time to cover it with compost.  (I took pictures, which I’ll show you later.)

I don’t know how many trips I took back and forth to the compost heap with my wheelbarrow.  By the time we had to stop for the night, the heap had grown into a very impressive looking pile of rich dirt, some branch ends stills sticking out (adds interest and texture).  The pile is starting to have a personality all of its own.  Towards the end, D and I started joking that all we needed now was a very dramatic thunderstorm, with lightning striking the mound several times, and then in the dark, something would unfold out of the mound, and we’d all stand around cackling and crying, “It’s aliiiiive!!!!”  All year mysterious eldritch bushes would grow, and next spring they’d have berries on them that, if you ate them, conferred mystical powers, or possibly just glowed in the dark.  Or made you glow in the dark.

We might have been pretty tired and not a little loopy at that point.  At least I was.  I don’t know about D.  He’s young and sprightly, and also more used to moving massive quantities of dirt than I am.  All I know is that today my back is tight, my right hand is all scratched up where a wild rose got me (crafty little suckers), and I can’t wait to go back again next week.

In the meantime, I was looking at my calendar for June, and man, this is going to be a busy month.  This weekend is the send off festivities for Pippi (she’s heading off to the wilds of New Mexico), and then the weekend after Mom volunteered me to host the family Birthday/Father’s Day Brunch, and then the weekend after that is Midsummer’s, and then I forget what comes after that, but then the next weekend is Family Vacation.  And at that point we’ll be into July.