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This has been one of those weeks that just disappears in a blink.  It seems like just yesterday I was coming back from the Memorial Day holiday, trying to plan out all the things I wanted to do this week, and ready to get some things done at work after the second long weekend in a row.  And suddenly it’s Friday, another weekend before me, and I can’t remember what happened to the week.  I don’t mean that literally, of course.  I know what I did.  But instead of getting all sorts of things accomplished (house projects, sewing projects, digging that bed for strawberries, etc.), I mostly spent my free time laying about the house and reading books.

I’m blaming my near-complete lack of productivity on the early summer cold I’ve been trying to pretend was just worse-than-usual allergies, but I think it’s also that my normal schedule and routines have been disrupted so thoroughly and repeatedly over the last few weeks that I’m somewhat adrift.  It sounds so boring, but I really do my best when I have set routines and schedules I can count on.  I’ve been working hard at setting up better habits and routines for myself, and I’ve been learning to depend on them.  Without them I’m a little lost, and they’re not so entrenched yet that I can just drop back into them without pause.  So I’ve been struggling to get back into my routines again this week, and not entirely succeeding.  But maybe this weekend I can make a fresh start.

One accomplishment this week that I’m quite proud of was finishing the first piece of my new work wardrobe.  Since my hospital opened over a year ago, I’ve been wearing the Administrative uniform every day – midnight blue polyester business suits, with an optional thick acrylic twinset.  The uniform is universally unflattering (it manages to both obscure any sort of waist I might aspire to have, and end at just the right spot to turn my legs into stumps) and uncomfortable, not to mention badly made from cheap materials (though God knows the prices weren’t).  It offends my little fiber-snob, seamstress-wannabe soul every time I have to put it on.

Some months ago, the entire network that my hospital is a part of announced that they were also going to uniforms, but that the uniforms they were choosing were different from what we had.  Except they didn’t say what the uniform for my job category was going to be.  For months we waited, with occasional rumors flying, for them to let us know.  And then this week the word finally came.  We will still be in dark navy business suits with white shirts, but we can buy our own pieces.  We can also buy our own cardigan sweaters, and the white tops can be any sort of white shirt, as long as it is business wear (not t-shirts), and bright white with no other colors.

Some people might be less than thrilled by this, but frankly, I’m delighted.  The color palette might be limited, but it could be a lot worse.  And it means that I’m free to make or get my own things, in styles that are actually flattering and comfortable.  Plus, I’ve been long overdue for some new things, and now I can actually make them, instead of waiting around in the never-never land of not knowing what would be decided.  The very first thing on my to-do list was finished last weekend: a fuller box-pleated blue skirt, with pockets and a simple bound waistband.  It’s the very simplest pattern I know, consisting entirely of two rectangles (the front and back) pleated onto a third (the waistband), and then a button to close it.  The fabric is some navy wool suiting I bought ages ago, and I lined it with navy silk/cotton batiste.  My favorite part is the black lace I put on the hem of the lining.  It’s not likely that anyone will ever see it but me, but I like knowing that it’s there.

The next project is at least one (maybe two) more fitted skirts from the same wool suiting fabric, and a few simple summer tops.  Hopefully this weekend (if I manage to actually be productive) I’ll give this tutorial a spin, and if that goes well attempt to modify it for all kinds of cuteness.  And after that … I forget what comes after that.  But I’ve got a list.  It’s on a long post-it note stuck onto the window frame of the wall of windows in front of my sewing machine.  And now I’ve got something marked off on it.  It’s pretty cool.

The other thing that’s been occupying my time, when I haven’t been sewing, or lying about like a slug reading unnecessary books, has been movies.  Last Sunday I had another sleepover at Flo’s house.  You see, Pippi is leaving us soon.  Her employer is sending her off into the wilds of New Mexico, so we wanted to get some girl time in before she left.  So we had a sleepover, and watched The Fifth Element (one of the best moves ever made), plus Starter For 10 (because Benedict Cumberbatch), and War Horse (also Mr. Cumberbatch, plus Tom Hiddleston acting so frighteningly wholesome it almost made me suspect a whole, dark, hidden shadow plot), and Step Brothers (don’t ask, I don’t know.  Except Will Farrell is a god among men.  True story.).  And now I really want to watch Chicago, because watching John C. Reilly cavorting around in that last movie made me want to see him sing Mr. Cellophane again, just to prove that he’s really the same person.

So far it looks like this weekend will be another busy one.  Saturday I’m planning to head down to Cincinnati to see Mai and Nameless for the first time in much, much too long, and then Sunday will be more time with Pippi.  Ironically, Lucy and The Auteur are also in town this weekend for Lucy’s brother’s graduation, and Johnsy is coming in for another graduation.  I might get to see Lucy and The Auteur briefly, but I don’t think I’m going to get to see Johnsy at all, which is very, very sad.  And sometime in there I really, really need to get those strawberries planted!  We’ll see how that goes.