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I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not, but MDoS and The Beautiful T have been expecting their second child for a little while now.  Their due date was actually on my birthday, which I thought was pretty cool.  When I was over at their house last Saturday for MDoS’s birthday get-together, T mentioned that, while she was totally ready for this baby to get here, her house was not.  So I volunteered to come over and help out.  After Tuesday didn’t work out, we decided that I would go over yesterday.  But my stomach has been hinky all week, and yesterday afternoon it tipped over from sorta hinky to really kinda not good, so I emailed T and said that I hated to do this, but I didn’t think I’d be able to come after all.  Which, in the end, turned out to probably be a pretty good thing.

This morning I was here at work, working away, when I got a call from MDoS.  He asked which work location I was currently at, and when I told him, said that I should come up to a particular patient room on the Maternity floor.  At which point my eyes got really big, and I got goosebumps all up and down my arms.  Immediately I jumped up, put up my “I’m running an errand, just hang out, I’ll be right back” sign, and went as fast as decorously possible up to that particular room.  And there I found MDoS, The Beautiful T, and their utterly beautiful new little daughter.

2013-05-03_12-30-13_469It turns out that T had been having contractions on and off all day yesterday.  They weren’t steady or regular, so she didn’t think much of it.  Plus, she had some errands she wanted to run.  Later in the afternoon, the contractions started getting stronger, so she called her mom to come pick up Littlefoot (who’s two now).  When MDoS got home from work, they called the hospital to see if they should come in.  The hospital said that they would call T’s midwife, and call them back.  Meanwhile, T’s contractions started getting a bit more intense, so she moved into her bedroom.  After a while, MDoS was able to speak with the midwife, who said that yeah, they should come into the hospital.

However, when MDoS came in to tell T that it was time to get in the car, T had already transitioned into the heavy labor, and refused to move.  So MDoS called the hospital back to ask what he should do.  They said to call 911.  So he did, and while he was on the phone giving them the details, T delivered their child.  She told MDoS, “The baby’s here!”  He thought she meant that the child was really, really about to arrive, not that the child was taking her first breaths between her mother’s feet.  Just a moment later, the EMTs arrived, and whisked mother and baby and father and everything off to the nearest hospital, which happened to be, not the one that they had been planning to deliver at, but the one where I work.  Which I think is pretty cool.

Also, The Beautiful T is pretty much a BA.

So this morning I got to pay a surprise visit to the new family (a surprise for me, not them), and then I headed up again on my lunch break.  This time I got to hold the baby.



She’s fairly cranky about this whole being born thing, but fairly adorable in the way tiny, extremely fresh babies are.  And The Beautiful T is, as always, ridiculously beautiful, especially given that she had an unplanned home birth less than twenty-four hours ago.

Seriously, I’m in awe.