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Today is my birthday, and my coworkers are awesome.  As evidence thereof, I humbly submit the following note, which was attached to a bag containing four cans of artichoke hearts, one of my favorite foods:

BirthdayThe note says:

Okie-dokie, Artichokie!  In keeping with our celebratory food humor, we bestow upon you this artichoke.  This humble vegetable not only embodies qualities that we admire and appreciate in you, but it’s also a vegetable that will party hardy with you on your birthday.  Intrigued?  We hope so.  Please read on.

While many people’s favorite part of the artichoke is its heart, it is the leaves that contain many of the artichoke’s health benefits.  So not only does it have a good heart, but it has layers that add depth and interest.  This is not unlike our good-hearted, light saber wielding, Force using, swing dancing HR Support Partner who knits better than your grandma and can out-philosophize you any day of the week.  Bernadette, you are an artichoke.

And what vegetable will party hard with you and still be there for you the next morning?  You got it.  the artichoke, nature’s hangover remedy.  So cut loose, celebrate and enjoy the day!

And, gosh.  I’m all verklepmt.  Because you know why they were giving me artichokes for my birthday instead of, say, cake, or chocolate?  Because they know me well enough to not only give me compliments like that, and to know that I utterly love artichokes, but to know that I can’t eat sugar.  And that’s pretty darn thoughtful.  I am very blessed.

Happy birthday!  Even if it isn’t your birthday today, I hope you have a wonderful day!