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This is one of those better late than never kinds of posts.  Months ago I made a doll for my niece Honey.  I took lots of pictures to share with you guys, and then I lost the phone and the chip inside with the pictures on it before I could share them.  (I’m beginning to see a theme in my life.)  A while later I found the phone again, and while the phone had not survived, the chip inside was just fine.  So now I can show you what I made:

I made this doll using the pattern and tutorial Mimi Kirchner did for Purl Bee.  It was an excellent tutorial, and the doll turned out amazing.  I took these pictures just after I had attached the legs to the doll’s body, and was totally blown away by the fact that the doll was sitting up all on her own.  While the pattern calls for 100% wool felt, and other lovely things, I don’t have easy access to wool felt in lots of different colors.  Also, wool felt is expensive, and since the doll was destined for a small, active child, I wanted to make something that would be relatively easy to clean.  So I went ahead and used the poly craft felt that they sell in every craft store in America.  I think it turned out pretty well.

IMAG0455This is the doll after I dressed her.  It was a Christmas doll, so I chose those colors for her dress.  I figured the white arms and legs might look like an undershirt and tights.  The white part of the belt is actually a satin ribbon, and I embroidered it on using a doubled chain stitch.


I rally like how I attached the flowers on the skirt.  The pattern calls for another smaller felt circle to be the center, but I didn’t bother with it.  I think the stitching makes the flower look a little like a morning glory.  Also, instead of using contrasting felt trim on the skirt hem, I just sewed on a bit of lace trim I had on hand.

IMAG0453I still just love how the doll sits up on her own!  Also, while we’re talking about handmade things, in the background are the pintucked curtains I made for our dining room windows.

As it turns out, Honey loves her doll.  Apparently she takes it with her everywhere.  This makes me so happy.  It is a little challenging to show people that you love them from thousands of miles away, especially when you really don’t like using Skype (I’m weird that way).  But I wanted Honey to know that I do treasure her, even if I may not see her much.  And also, every little girl deserves to have a special doll.  It turns out that she loves it so much that Indy has been using it as part of their regular art lessons (Indy is much more comfortable with Skype than I am).  So now both Honey and Indy have made the doll another dress, and there are more doll things on the way.

I also wanted her mother, Sunny, to know that I’m thinking of her, so I embroidered her some dish towels.

IMAG0449Sky blue/turquoise is her favorite color, so I did a two with simple graphics, and one with a quote:

IMAG0451The pictures aren’t great – I was in a tearing hurry to get my things packed up to go in Mariah’s Christmas box – but they’ll do. 🙂

And then, almost a year ago I knit a pair of socks for Mr. T.

IMAG0481I had knit Sae’s wedding veil as my wedding present to the two of them, but that struck me as a rather one sided present.  So I decided I wanted to knit Mr. T something too.  We discussed options a little, and decided on a pair of socks.  I figured white was wedding-like, and I chose the cable pattern because it is romantic (see all the hearts?), and yet manly.  I took one  of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken while I was working on the socks, but then I neglected to get a picture of the finished product.  Mr. T happened to be wearing them on our Family Gift Giving Day, and I got a couple of pictures.

IMAG0482I think they turned out pretty well too.  🙂

In other sock news, I’ve finished my Fantine socks.  I bound off the last stitch at my family Birthday Brunch on Sunday.  My friends, these are the most ridiculous socks.  I was determined to use every last inch of my yarn, which is how they ended up being knee socks.  And then I ended up knitting my initials into the calf gusset.  And there’s going to be a ribbon tie at the top.  And they’re just awesome.  I still need to weave in the yarn ends, and I’m going to have to get someone else to take the pictures (it’s pretty hard to take pictures of your own feet), but then I’ll have even more knitting goodness to show you.  And the way the weather’s been, I might even still wear them before next Fall!