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The weirdest thing happened yesterday morning.  I woke up like I normally do, pulled my cell phone (also my alarm clock) close to my face to peer at the time, and hit the the snooze button on the alarm.  After a moment, I decided to actually get out of bed, and headed off to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, I returned from the bathroom, and looked for my phone, thinking that it would be about time that the alarm would go off again.  I figured it would be shoved under one of my pillows, or under my blankets, like it usually is.  Except it wasn’t there.  I moved all the pillows, shook them out, and no phone.  I pulled the covers back, shook them out, and looked under the bed.  No phone.  I pulled the bed away from the wall to see if maybe it had fallen behind the bed.  No phone.  After a little while I ran out of time to look, so I got dressed and headed out, figuring that I would easily find the phone when I got home again.

When I got home, I searched again.  I took all the sheets off the bed, moved the bed and cleaned underneath it, moved the nightstand, and checked everything within a reasonable radius of where the phone had been.  I retraced my steps to the bathroom and back, looking anywhere I might have carried the phone.  No phone.  I asked Mariah to call it so I could follow the sound, and then got Johnnycakes to call it too.  I never heard a sound.  After a while, the phone started going straight to voicemail, so we figure the battery had run out.  I continued to ransack my room.  No phone.

I cannot understand this.  The phone was on my bed, and then, in the short time it took for me to go to the bathroom and come back, it was gone.  It is simply not anywhere.  I’ve looked.  Multiple times.  So far my pet theory is that the faeries took it.  It makes about as much sense as anything.  Except they didn’t leave the traditional changeling in its place, which, honestly, faeries these days.  Can’t even be bothered to keep up traditions.  See if I leave bread out for them ever again!  Hmph!

This morning I broke down and ordered a cheap phone off amazon.  Unfortunately, the earliest it could get to me is Monday.  Maybe.  Ironically, we also don’t have wireless at the house right now (it’s a complicated result of being in the middle of switching providers).  So once I leave work this afternoon, the only way to contact me will be either through the US postal service, or by physically dropping by my house.

Maybe I could think of this as some kind of retreat?

Also, what in the world happened to my phone?