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So, you know, we’ve got a new Pope, and I really, really like him.  I hadn’t really been following a lot of the conclave fuss (most of the secular media coverage of Catholic things is so fundamentally wrong & sometimes maliciously biased that it just makes me mad), and I figured that I had some time to catch up on who the likely contenders were.  So I’d never heard the man’s name before it was announced out on the balcony. But the moment I saw him, I thought, “We’ve got a good one.”

Everything I’ve learned since then has only reinforced that first impression.  I mean, he takes the bus everywhere, he lives simply, he loves the poor (and the poor love him), he looks out for those who need looking out for, he’s orthodox, he loves God, and he dances tango.  His first sermon as a Pope was all about how the only solid foundation for our work as Catholics is the Cross of Jesus Christ.  Oh, and he looks like the kind of grandpa who maybe never said much, but always had a peppermint in his pocket for you.  So, you know, I think I don’t just like him, I think I kinda love him.  Simcha Fisher calls this phenomenon the Papamoon (see also her list of potential Pope Francis related memorabilia – I personally would buy a Bergoglio Folio for my bus pass in a red hot second, and then I would have to buy a bus pass to put in it). I think that’s just about right.  Maybe later he’ll do something to diminish my love or respect, but for right now I’m basking in the Pope-love.


In other news, last weekend I got out into the garden for a little bit.  It was so lovely.  I had plans to plant green onion seeds (Sprout Robot said it was time), but to my total surprise, the garlic I planted last year and then shamefully neglected had come up again!  So I thinned it out a little (I saved the sprouts to make a truly epic mushroom/new garlic omelet the next day), and planted my seeds in between the rows. Then I set to clearing out the spot that I want to turn into my lettuce patch when the time is right.  It’s next to the garlic/green onion patch, underneath the grapevine the grows across the windows of my little mud porch.  Last year Rosie and Mariah had planted it with Job’s Tears, I think with dreams of using the seeds for various bead-things later on.  Except both of them seemed to sorta lose interest after they’d planted it, and the plants had died in the autumn unharvested.  When I was clearing the remnants away, I noticed that there were still a lot of tears left on the plant.  It seemed a shame to just toss them on the composting heap, so as I was clearing, I separated out what seeds I could.

Free to a Good Home

Free to a Good Home

Unfortunately, I have no use for them, except as something that’s sort of interesting to look at.  The seeds are a bit weathered and rough from being outside all winter.  I think they might polish up to something pretty, or maybe provide good seed for another crop.  But I don’t really have any interest in making the trial.  So I’m offering them up to whoever would like them.  There’s not a ton of them – maybe 1/8 cup all told.  The dish they’re in is not included.  I’m willing to pay for postage as long as it’s under $10.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (either on WordPress or on facebook) saying that you’re interested, and whoever gets their first gets the Job’s Tears!