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So I had this sweet blog post all written in my head about going over to The Family Homestead yesterday to cook artichokes (have I ever told you how much I love artichokes?) with Caramelized Garlic Butter with Meyer Lemon (and now we sound like snobby gourmets, but it was really, really tasty!  Dad wanted to eat two, but we had to save them for Indy & Rosie who were off at 6pm Mass).  I was going to talk abut seeing AnniPotts, and getting to meet her beau (who I am strongly considering calling Pippin, but I have to get to know him a little better first), and about my silly mother pressing the gang of kids who play basketball on the corner into taking away the old basketball hoop that’s been hanging out on the back patio since Boy-O was small.  But somehow it just wasn’t quite jelling, and then I noticed that the generic links post I’ve been adding to little by little was getting to a rather respectable length.  So have a links post instead!

And that’s it.  Next up is a few pictures from my adventures in early-Spring gardening, and also my very first ever blog giveaway!