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At work yesterday, one of my friends asked me if I was going to take things easy this weekend.  I just had to laugh.  You see, this weekend is the Dayton Swing Smackdown, our annual really big swing dancing weekend.  It’s basically dancing nonstop, with brief breaks for food/sleep, from 8pm Friday until 6pm Sunday.  Most years this is an opportunity for me to dance until I can’t feel my legs anymore.  Plus, for the last few years I’ve worked the event for Bounce, who is the organizer, which involves coming earlier and sometimes leaving later than all the regular dancers.  It’s a lot of fun, but taking it easy?  Not so much.

However, this year I actually am taking it easy.  Even if my heart is just fine, it will take a while for my blood pressure to come down.  So I need to be careful for a while.  This means taking the elevator instead of running up and down the stairs four or five times an hour to do time checks on multiple class tracks, being choosy about what songs I dance to, and taking light strolls around the block instead of classes.  And so far, so good.

I’ve worked this event every year it’s been put on except the first, and every year I’ve had a knitting project I was working on while I sat at the desk.  The first was that baby blanket that I still have never finished for SparkBoy and Pixie’s oldest.  Another year was my Spring Flower Garden mittens (a lot of people seem to really remember those from year to year).  Except for the life of me I can’t remember what I was working on last year.  It’s really starting to bug me.  Was it the baby sweater for Sweet Pea?  Or the yoga socks I knit for Fleur?  I just don’t remember.  Which, considering how much of a blur last February is in general, maybe isn’t surprising.

Anyway, today while I was sitting behind the desk, another dancer came up and told me that he loves it that every year when he comes to Smackdown, there I am sitting behind the desk, knitting.  He says it makes him feel like he’s at home, or like things are the way they should be in the world, just seeing me there with yet another knitting project in my hands.  It was such a sweet compliment.

I feel like I ought to have more to say, but I got four hours of sleep last night, and I’m honestly surprised I’m still forming coherent sentences.  I’m also hoping that my sentences are actually as coherent as I think they are.  You’ll let me know, right?