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Sweet Pea & Cookie

Sweet Pea, never content to rest on her laurels, after having learned both how to climb up stairs (her parents are now working hard on teaching her how to climb down stairs too), and to stand for brief periods of time, has decided that the next important life skill she must master is the ability to insert an entire cookie into her mouth at one time.  I observed her practicing her new skill assiduously when I was babysitting Saturday night.  So, of course, I took a picture.  You’re welcome.

Also, if you look at that picture for too long, it starts looking like Sweet Pea is staring right into your soul with her enormous blue eyes, and is slightly worried about what she sees there.

This was only the second time I’ve gotten to babysit Sweet Pea all on my own.  I’m a little surprised at that.  I mean, the child is almost a year old now.  Only twice in a year?  That’s pretty sad.  But then, there are so many relatives eager to spend time with her, and my schedule does tend to be rather full.  So perhaps it isn’t quite so surprising.  Regardless, we had a fine time with each other.  She likes being read to, though she doesn’t seem to care much what you are reading.  I started getting a little bored reading and rereading the adventures of a small dog named Biscuit, so I decided to get out my Kindle and try her on a little Keats.  She was quite enthusiastic at first, but once she realized that the Kindle was rather boring to play with (it’s one of the older black & white versions), she quickly lost interest and headed off to practice climbing stairs some more.

After a while Sweet Pea started to get a bit worn out, and red around the eyes the way small folk who are ready for a nap tend to do.  So we settled down on the couch in front of the fire with a bottle, and just about when the last drop of milk was gone, Sweet Pea was asleep.  She slept in my arms for about half an hour.  It is an indescribably sweet thing to rest with a sleeping child in your arms.

The rest of the weekend was also very nice, though nothing can quite live up to getting to hang out with my most accessible niece.  Friday night I had nothing scheduled whatsoever (Glory, hallelujah!), so I kinda overindulged in Netflix.  I started watching Supernatural, and then suddenly it was several episodes later (I think I’m starting to get why tumblr is so obsessed with Jensen Ackles), and then somehow I was watching Muriel’s Wedding (yeah, I don’t know either), and next thing I knew it was ridiculously late/early, and I finally switched the tv off and stumbled off to bed.  On Sunday there was a potluck/game night over at N’s house (really should have a nickname for him by now, but so far nothing has really fit).  I made it to the top three at spoons, though I don’t know if you can really call it a game of spoons if no furniture was toppled over, and no one ended up on the floor.

And now I’m starting to prep my presentation on Aquinas for my Catholic young adult group on Thursday.  When we were brainstorming what we wanted to talk about this season, someone proposed Aquinas.  I was excited, and immediately wanted to volunteer to present, but was feeling like I was being greedy/a show-off, so I hesitated until Pippi asked if I would co-present with her, at which point I delightedly signed up.  Ironically, now Pippi is completely ensnared in preparing for her upcoming PT test for the Air Force, which means she’s basically working out every single free moment of every day, and I’m pretty sure she’s completely forgotten about Aquinas or co-presenting.

So I’m happily reading through Articles, and refreshing somewhat rusty philosophy skills.  We’re planning to spend two weeks on this topic, so I think the first week I’ll talk a little about Aquinas himself, and his massive impact on Western thought, then spend a little time on how to read his writing, and the vocabulary he uses (i.e. The Philosopher = Aristotle, “accident” doesn’t mean what you think it means).  And then maybe we can get into reading a little of the Summa.  I’m strongly tempted to trot out my favorite Article: ST I-I, Q. 105, Art. 4 – Whether God can move the created will.  But that’s just because I’m still feeling smug about my long-ago Feat of Strength in which I explained it, complete with objections, Respondeo, and Answers to the Objections while doing Lindy Hop, following everything my partner led, and finishing before the song was done.  And I think my partner understood it.  I think.  It was pretty sweet.  But six years is a long time to feel smug about something.  I should probably let go of it and pick something else.  Maybe.

Also, a little while back Aunt M in Seattle sent me an email blog comment in which she suggested I start posting book reviews of the stuff I’m reading.  I’m not sure about this, partly because I’m a little embarrassed to reveal exactly how light and fluffy my reading habits actually are  (there is the occasional vampire and werewolf, though no sparkling of any kind, I swear), and partly because it sounds a little too much like actual work.  But God knows, if there’s anything I love talking about, it’s my own opinions.  And you guys seem to enjoy reading them.  So what do you think?  Want some book reviews?