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So Monday night at swing club, I was informed that the reason why my students don’t ask me to dance is because I’m intimidating.  To which I replied, “But I am soft and cuddly!”  A certain person explained, “Yes, you’re like a really big teddy bear with a stick that it might hit you with.”  And I’m torn between being delighted at that description (cuz teddy bear with a stick?  kinda awesome), impressed at that person’s insight into my character, and sad that they think I might hit them.  Which I would only, only do if they really deserved it.  Maybe.  Sigh.

More I’m sad that I still don’t get asked to dance very much, though I should note that the person who said I was a teddy bear with a stick was also the only person who actually asked me to dance last night.  (So, you know, points for him.)  It’s an odd paradox that when a dancer, particularly a follow, becomes a teacher, they get less dances, not more.  You would think that displaying your skill would lead more people to want to dance with you, but no.  Instead you become intimidating.  So if you want to dance, you have to go dragoon reluctant partners onto the floor.  It really starts to do a number on a girl’s ego.  Not to sound all pitiful and stuff, but I think a significant chunk of my loss of dancing mojo is due to this.  But in the meantime – soft, cuddly teddy bear with a stick.  Pretty cool.

In other news, I had a pretty cool weekend.  It was quite busy.  On Friday night we had Red’s birthday celebration, which included awesome pizza at Jimmie’s, and then I skipped on the dancing downtown in favor of babying my injured ankle and knee.  Reports say that the dancing was awesome, and next time I really, really need to go.  I think I will.  Saturday was Mai’s housewarming party, which was also very fun.  I played quite competitive Uno (no, you draw four!), and then actually didn’t stink at poker.  I also used my knitting stitch markers as poker chips, so I was maybe a little extra motivated not to lose.

On Sunday we had our February family birthdays brunch, celebrating both AP and Indy.  This was enlivened by discovering that Sweet Pea can now actually stand unassisted for very brief periods of time.  She’s also started occasionally saying “Uh oh,” and is showing a rudimentary, but keen sense of comedic timing.

So now it’s Ash Wednesday, and I think I’ve finally figured out what I’m going to give up for Lent this year.  I’ve been sortof mulling over several options, including giving up crazy people (less stress, but might wreck havoc on my social life), giving up white flour (whole wheat & other grains are healthy, yo), or some other option I didn’t think about long enough to remember.

However, what I think I’ve settled on is that I’m going to give up using disposables – disposable dishes, disposable napkins – like that.  This is going to be hard, particularly since on weekdays I eat two of my three meals at work, where the food is packaged up in disposable to-go containers, eaten with disposable silverware, and any mess cleaned up with paper napkins.  Although there are actual, washable dishes available, you can’t take them out of the cafeteria.  Since I eat my breakfast at my desk, and often take my lunch back to the office (particularly if I don’t have anyone eating with me to fend off the employees with benefits questions), before the end of the day, my trash can is half full of Styrofoam  plastic, and paper.  It’s so, so wasteful, and I hate it.

I just finally decided on this about lunch time today, so I haven’t figured out all of the logistics.  I can be better about bringing my own oatmeal in my own bowl that I can take home and wash, and maybe the cafeteria staff would indulge me by serving up my scrambled eggs into my own container.  And maybe they would let me take dishes back to the office if I swore faithfully that I would bring them back promptly.  However, the thing that I haven’t figured out to get around is salad.  At my Tuesday/Thursday lunch location, they don’t even have salad bowls, just two sizes of to-go containers, or a paper sort of boat for those who are eating in – all disposable.  Plus, it’s sold by weight, and the scales are all pre-calibrated to the particular containers available.  So if I put the salad in my own container I’d throw everything off.  I know if I just ponder it long enough, I’ll come up with a solution, but it might take a while.

Any ideas?