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So the thing that has the interwebs buzzing today is Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he is resigning as Pope, effective really awfully soon.  According to him, he’s getting old, and a bit feeble, and doesn’t feel that he’s able to fill the job the way it ought to be filled.  To which I say, bless his little heart, and let’s let the poor man go.  He never wanted this job, it requires things from him that are hard for him to do (he’s a classic Introvert, and his job regularly requires him to deal with more people in a day than most of us see in ten years), and he’s getting old.  In a more perfect world he’d be holed up in a quiet academic study somewhere, turning out amazing theological papers (cuz God knows the man is brilliant), and tormenting his grad assistants.  But instead he’s been out here doing his best at this enormously difficult job, for love of God and His Church, because that was what was required of him.  I am grateful for him, and I hope that he will be able to enjoy his old age for a least a little while before God calls him home.

To be honest, I am a little startled at how quickly he’s stepping down – only two and a half weeks from now.  It makes me a bit worried that he might have just gotten a majorly bad diagnosis, or wonder about what sort of behind the scenes maneuvering has been going on.  But of all the things in the world that are surely not my business, the intimate details of Benedict XVI’s health is definitely one.  So I’ll pray for him during his last days as Pope, and ask God to send us another Pontiff who will love God and His Church with the same faithful passion that Benedict has always shown.

If you would like to join me in praying for Benedict XVI, consider joining the novena being started by the awesome website, Pray More Novenas.  They email the prayers to you every day, which is so, so convenient.  It makes praying a novena as easy as checking your email.  I’m definitely a fan.

I just realized that, come March 1, I will have blogged through the end of two papacies.  Huh.