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Ask and ye shall receive.

Yesterday I was feeling all demoralized & whatnot about the state of male/female relationships in the world.  And then this morning something happened that made me feel much better.  You see, I sprained my ankle again.  I know, I know.  Again.  I was walking in to work from my car, carrying my usual large bag and file tote, plus a box full of files.  And somehow my bad ankle gave out on me, and next thing I know, I’m sprawled across the pavement, tote and box and everything going flying.  I gathered my wits for a moment, sat up, put my shoe back on, and started trying to figure out whether or not I was going to be able to walk on my ankle.  It hurt, but not so bad that it felt impossible, so I thought I would give it a try.  Just as I was about to try getting to my feet, a car pulled out, and a woman hopped out to help me.  She hovered around as I carefully got to my feet, and then another car pulled up, this one driven by one of the guys who works night shift in the lab (he had just gotten off work).  My ankle was holding my weight nicely (if painfully), so I decided that I was heading into the building.  The man decided to carry my box for me and make sure I got there in one piece (and also get a couple of HR questions answered at the same time).

Once I got in, I was met with an urgent request for help from the police department – apparently someone needed a replacement badge rightthissecondImeanyesterday.  So I took care of that, and in the process, told Atlas what happened.  He sent Sarge over to check things out.  Sarge came over, checked out the situation, worked with the employee health nurse to make sure I was being taken care of, and brought me paperwork to fill out.  And then, even though he was having a ridiculously busy morning, he went down to the cafeteria and got me breakfast.  And then came back twice more to check on me, and fill me in on exactly how my fall looked on the security cam footage (he only watched it, um, five or six times).  It was all extremely sweet, and I felt very cared for.

In Sarge’s honor, I wanted to post the Superbowl commercial my company had on the local stations this year.  But then I thought about how hyper my company can be about internet exposure, and about how careful I want to be to keep my personal online life separate from my professional life.  On the other hand, the commercial is pretty cute.  Plus not only is it filmed at my primary work location, but it also features several friends.  For instance, you can see the back of Wonder Woman (one of the ladies on my HR team) crossing the lobby behind the main characters in the first scene, and the cleaning guy you see at one point is both the guy who comes and empties my trash every day and also one of my favorite employees.   However, half of the commercial is Sarge.  So if you’d like to see Sarge being a star, search youtube for “touchdown teddy bear superbowl commercial”  and enjoy.

Oh, and at least this time it’s only a mild sprain.  I iced it right away, and got an ace bandage for it as soon as the gift shop opened.  So far my knee actually hurts worse than the ankle.  So I’m hoping that this will be a quick and easy injury to get over.