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I have been having the most fabulously lazy weekend.  Last night I ended up introducing Johnnycakes to BBC’s Sherlock Holmes (there was also pizza involved), and then today I slept until I woke up naturally.  I started to wake up at my normal-ish time, and then I thought, “No, it’s Saturday – I don’t have to do anything at all.”  And I went back to sleep.

A little bit ago The Beautiful T called and invited me to come play board games with her and MDoS, and it looks like Indy and AnniPotts will be coming over as well.  This is the first weekend in quite some time that I haven’t had plans.  I haven’t seen them in far too long, so I’m very glad I was free to go.

Right now I’m cuddled up on the couch with my computer and a large mug of tea (caffeine!).  I’m kind of thinking about maybe doing something slightly productive this afternoon.  I’ve been reorganizing my sewing room, and I might work a bit on it since it isn’t so bitingly cold as it’s been.  (My sewing room is unheated, so the weather tends to have more of an impact on my sewing plans than most seamstresses.)  And then there’s always the laundry & weekly cleaning and all that stuff.  But thinking about that makes me feel old and responsible.  Sigh.

I still feel rather at loose ends, craftwise.  Usually I have several projects stacked up, ready to go, with deadlines attached.  I tend to like it that way.  And I still have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do… someday.  But for one reason or another – they’re not quite ready to start, or I don’t have just the right materials, or I just don’t want to right now – none of them are what I want to do.  I’ve started swatching different eyelet patterns for the Fantine stockings.  I still haven’t found the pattern I want to use yet, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to two.  Hopefully that will be established soon and I can actually start.  I hate this itchy, unsettled feeling.

There is not much family news.  The Little Philospher (The Duchess’s daughter) has discovered that she has feet, and Sweet Pea has her first tooth.  Tomorrow Rosie and AP are moving into what used to be The Girl Next Door’s town house, right next to Mariah.  One of AnniPott’s first graders did a beautiful illustration for Catholic Schools’ Week, stating that the reason why she loves her teacher is because she is a zombie.  In the illustration, AnniPotts is green, drooling, and grinning as she chases her student around the classroom.  I think AnniPotts needs to frame this immortal work of art for posterity, but we’ll have to wait and see.

And now I need to go get more tea.  I do love tea.