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This afternoon when I was IMing with Sarge (who was on Atlas’s account at the time), he wrote something that, when I looked at it again, looked like one of those wannabe profound modern poems, much loved by overearnest college students and young hipsters who get published in small poetry journals without covers and imagine that they’re totally legit successor to e.e.cummins and Jack Kerouac just because they no longer know how to punctuate or capitalize.  This tickled me so much that I thought I’d share it with you.  The (R) at the beginning, by the way, is the code for the Rainbow icon.

Atlas 1:46 PM
im just saying
i like rainbows
so you should stop by

It’s the “oops\” that really makes it.

Also, does anyone know what kind of music sheltered (the kind that are homeschooled, and aren’t allowed to watch tv until they’re 20), Catholic pre-teen girls like to dance to?  I agreed to DJ and teach a small swing dancing lesson for the local Catholic homeschoolers co-op, and now that I think about it, I’m starting to doubt that my collection of Motown and early Rock & Roll will be sufficient.  I’m assuming a certain amount of Teh Biebs will be required, and possibly some Taylor Swift (I mean, even Fleur, who isn’t allowed to read Harry Potter lest it corrupt the purity of her young mind, is allowed to listed to Taylor Swift), and maybe others?  Probably not Katy Perry – she isn’t ashamed of letting people know that she has boobs, so she’s probably not pure and innocent enough.  But who else?  One Direction?  I should probably just go find out who the internet really, really hates and go from there.  But that would take, like, effort.  I think you guys should just tell me instead.  Give me ideas!