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My dears, the time has arrived to start thinking about OperationValentinus.  This is a little project inspired by Seraphic Singles, who encourages her readers to counteract the general soul & spirit suck that Valentine’s Day can be for single people by picking two or three other single ladies and sending them something nice on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve done it the past two years, and I like it a lot.  Granted, Valentine’s Day doesn’t bother me as much as it does some (I quite like celebrating the fact that True Love exists, regardless of whether or not I’ve found mine), but still, it can be hard to be so pointedly reminded that you don’t have a special someone sending you flowers.  However, I’ve found that putting together nice surprises for others helps a lot to distract me from the depression spiral.  If I’m excited about the presents I’ve put together, and happily anticipating my friends’ delighted reactions, then I don’t have as much time or brain space to think dark thoughts.

So if you’re single, or if you just have single people you care about, please consider putting something nice together to surprise two or three of the other single people in your life.  Some caveats: You might want to restrict your efforts to persons of the same gender as yourself, in order to avoid unintended awkward romantic implications to your gift.  (If the romantic implications are fully intended, well, carry on, but that doesn’t count for Operation Valentinus.)  If you are a married person, please be careful to avoid anything that might seem like you rubbing your married status in your single friend’s face.

I also tend to sometimes include my friends who are paired up, since even if you have a partner, that doesn’t mean they’ll understand the need for tokens of affection at this time of year.  But that also doesn’t strictly count for Operation Valentinus, it’s just me being nice.

You’ve got a bit over three weeks to get your packages in the mail.  Go make me proud!

If you decide to take part in Operation Valentinus, feel free to leave a comment on this post to let me know.  It’s possible that this might result in you getting a little something extra yourself.

In other news, I’m at the deadly place where I’ve finished almost all my craft projects, and haven’t gotten excited enough about anything new to actually start it.  All of my Christmas projects are done, except for the sweater for Uncle S, which is in the interminable stage known as Getting Close To Done But Not Close Enough To Be Excited About It.  It’s the part where you keep plugging away at it, but it’s more about pushing through than about the joy of the project.  I’ve now embroidered dish cloths, not only for my family, but for my friends who just got married, which makes a total of eighteen dish towels, plus one that got a spot on it before I could give it away, so nineteen.  I’m feeling both done with embroidering for a while, and also interested in maybe embroidering something I might get to keep.  But so far nothing has seemed quite right to start working on.

Fleur’s getting an American Girl doll for her birthday, so I could be sewing doll clothes, but even though I have the patterns all printed off and ready to go, I just… don’t feel like it.  I heard through the grapevine that Honey utterly adores the doll I sewed for her for Christmas, so there’s more doll clothes I could be making.  But I have the same problem with that – just not feeling motivated.  Plus God knows I’ve got scads of personal sewing projects I’ve been meaning to do for ages – finally finishing that pencil skirt, a couple of new shirts, another cardigan, some other things.  But when it comes to actually clearing off the dining room table, pulling out the fabric and the pattern,and getting to the cutting part, I just sort of stall out.

Maybe it’s time to start organizing my sewing room.  Since Rosie moved out, and the extra furniture that had been stored in there got distributed to the rest of the house, there’s now actually room to move in there.  So this could be a perfect time to get things sorted.  And ten to one, before I get very far in, I’ll find something that will spark my imagination, and I’ll be off and running again.   Maybe something for Valentine’s Day…