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First I would just like to say that I love it that there’s seriously a St. Frodobert.  You would think that Tolkein was, like, Catholic or something.

So I’m enjoying a delicious sort of satisfaction today.  If I were a better person, maybe I wouldn’t be so amused, but apparently I’m not.  This is the cause of my amusement: back in the day, when my first hospital was getting ready to open, I was ridiculously busy.  Half the time I was running up and down all over the hospital getting uniforms for people, and half the time I was making badges, and half the time I was doing everything else that a person in my job is supposed to do.  (Yes, I know that adds up to over 100%; that’s kind of the point.)  Often I would have lines of people out my door and down the hallway.  There were jokes about how I ought to have signs along the line saying things like, “When you’ve reached this point you only have 15 more minutes to wait.”   In the space of about a month and a half I made over 600 badges.  And while the rest of my team knew that I was busy, they never actually witnessed it themselves, so they never really grasped exactly how crazy those 10 & 11 hour days really were.  They didn’t get it.

Fast forward to today.  Construction is starting on the two floors of the hospital that had been left unfinished (they had been waiting to see what kind of room would be in demand).  Everyone is in an almighty hurry, because now they really, really need those extra rooms.  So we’ve got this influx of new construction workers, each one of whom needs a badge.  So our building manager is sending those guys over to get theirs made.  Only this is my day to be at the other hospital, the one that doesn’t have any new construction going on.  So one of the ladies on my team is sitting at the front desk, making badges, and finally getting a small, pale taste of what things were like a year ago.  And she’s freaking out.  And I can’t help giggling.

In other news Johnnycakes and I are adjusting to having just the two of us in the house.  It’s been interesting sortof resettling things, adjusting furniture to cover for pieces that have gone with Rosie, filling in the empty spots, finding new homes for items.  For example, Rosie took the futon with her, so now we have a couch that actually belongs to AP filling in.  It’s a very comfortable low-slung model upholstered in an unattractively nondescript beige 1970s abstract floral.  It originally belonged to Sae, who purchased a grand red slipcover for it.  So now we have a large plush red couch in front of our cobalt blue wall, a very different decorating proposition from the modern blue Ikea futon.  It’s much more cozy, which I like, even if it’s a little harder to get up out of.  Rosie hasn’t moved her kitchen stuff out, which includes the utilitarian dark blue stoneware she liked so much.  I’ve been washing it and setting it out on the dining room table for her to take, and moving my vintage Fiesta ware up from the basement.  I’ve always loved those colors, and I’m excited to be using it again.  I may even take the door off the dish cabinet just so I can enjoy it more easily.

All of this resettling is going slowly.  I’ve come down with a cold that is clogging my sinuses and making me headachey and lethargic.  So I’ve been much more likely to spend my time watching tv shows on Netflix (thanks to Papi setting up my Bluray player), and slowly working on more wedding presents (one down, one to go) than fixing up the house.  But little by little I’m feeling better, and the house is slowly starting to settle down again after the disruption of moving.  I’m starting to daydream a little about maybe even doing a couple of sewing projects for myself sometime soon.  First, though, I have it from a reliable source that a certain niece is getting an American Girl doll for her birthday at the end of the month.  So I think I have some more doll clothes to make.  And then maybe I can sew for myself again.

We’ll see how that goes.