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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a movie worth waiting for, a wedding to dance at, and changes.

On Friday night, most of the family had gathered at the Family Homestead to have dinner together while The Duchess and 007 were in town.  After we had eaten and cleaned up, people settled in to visiting, and baby snuggling, and chatting with Big Brother and Sunny on Skype.  It was starting to get to be about the time when the families with babies had to start heading home.  AnniPotts and Rosie started discussing possibly going to go see a movie, and the words “Les Miserables” were mentioned.  Immediately my ears pricked up, and I said, “Oh?  You’re going to see that?  Because I would be totally up for seeing that.” And that’s how, not too much later, I found myself in the back seat of Rosie’s new car, heading out to the theater to finally, finally see Les Miz.

My darlings, the movie did not disappoint.  Even with all my build up, beginning when I first saw the trailer well before Thanksgiving, after how much I’ve been anticipating this, it did not disappoint.  I mean, I’m the girl who first read an abridged version of the novel when she was in 5th grade (what can I say?  I was really bored, and it was on the bookshelves right behind me.), and then read her copy of the full book so many times the covers fell off.  I saved up my babysitting money in high school to go not once, but twice to the show when it came through town.  The first time, I went all by myself, in a seat far off to the side, where I sobbed the entire time.  The second time I went with Jacob, and only cried through half of it.

So, you know, there was a lot of ways in which the movie could have been awful.  But it wasn’t.  It was really good.  Anne Hathaway as Fantine broke my heart.  Eponine, Marius and Cosette were awesome.  And the young rebels were, frankly, really cute.  Not to mention possibly the best singers in the show.  The only parts that were not, well, as good as they could be were the two male leads.  Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean was good, but it was so weird watching Russell Crowe play Javert with a curious lack of intensity.  I mean, God knows Russell Crowe can bring the intense, and God also knows that Javert is a role that calls for buckets of it.  So that was a bit strange, but not enough to derail the general awesomeness.

On Saturday, Sugar Ray got married to the Fraulein, and it was awesome.  Sugar Ray is a home brewer who makes quite nice beer, and he decided that he wanted to brew the beer for his own wedding reception.  He had planned this for a while – a lot of the empty bottles from the Beer Tasting Party last January went towards the cause.  The results were very nice.  I only tried two of them (the alcohol level was a little high), but one of them was a Founders Breakfast Stout clone that was very nearly as good as the original, and the other was a Belgian Wheat, also very good.

However, even better than the beer was the dancing.  One of my favorite things in the world is a really good wedding dance, the kind where everyone ends up in a big mob or a circle, and just sorta lets it all down.  You have to either have a group of friends supportive enough that you feel safe letting go a little, or some people require a sufficient level of alcohol, or just enough practice at letting go of self-consciousness that you can do it on your own.  I’m getting better and better at the third one, but having the first definitely helps!  It also helps if there are other people around you who are willing to really let go and get into it.  This time we had some college buddies of Sugar Ray’s who were ridiculously fun to dance with, so it was really a good time.

Today was Rosie’s official Moving Day.  I don’t know if I’d mentioned this before, but a while back she and AP formed the scheme of moving into an apartment together.  They found an apartment they liked in a building not too far away, but things kept getting in the way.  First the unit they were going to move into wasn’t available, and then it needed cleaning, and then something else came up.  Their original moving day in November slipped by, and then the one in December.  But today everything was supposed to go through.  Rosie stayed up late last night packing, and today friends and family showed up to shift things.  Except when they got into the new apartment, they quickly discovered that it had bed bugs.  So they’ve broken the lease, and moved all of their stuff right back out as quickly as they could.

However, luckily as it turns out, one of the units in our row of town houses is about to open up.  The Girl Next Door has plans to move into Sweet’s house after Sweet gets married (weekend after next) and moves to Chicago to be with her husband.  So now Rosie and AP are going to be moving into that unit, and three out of the six units will be occupied by people in my family.

We should just buy the place and be done with it.