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Every once in a while I am struck with the absurdity of life.  Just a little while ago, I was stepping out my front door, intent on finding just the right pine tree to use to take pictures of the ornament I was about to give to Sweet.  I had made it as her bridal shower gift, but then got so sick that I could neither attend, nor put the finishing touches on the gift.  However, this afternoon I’m going to her open house to meet her fiance, so I’ve finished the ornament, and wanted to document its prettiness before I gave it away.

In order to get just the right picture of my handiwork, I decided that I needed a  backdrop of evergreens.  The yew bushes in front of my small porch weren’t pretty enough, so was going to have to find someone else’s evergreens.  It should be a real pine tree, I decided, and ideally one I could access without too much trespassing.  Preferably it shouldn’t be too far away, and in a sunny location so I could get the good light.  And as I headed down the sidewalk, knitted ornament in one hand and cell phone/camera in the other, intently peering down alleys and into front yards for just the right evergreen, the moment suddenly struck me as ridiculous.  So I thought I’d share.

Not that this stopped me from getting my shot.  I found a quite pretty pine in the front corner of a neighbor’s house, and got some nice shots there.  But the tree was a little in the shade of the house, so while the pictures were good, they didn’t capture how much the colors on this ornament kinda glow.  As I was heading back to my house, I saw the ivy growing up the back of Mom & Dad’s garage.  The sun had just broken through the clouds, and it looked perfect.  So I headed over there, and got the shots I wanted.  And it’s a good thing I went when I did.  Only minutes later, the clouds closed back in thicker than ever, and it is now a darkly gray day.

In other news, I went to see The Hobbit last night (don’t worry, no spoilers), though I had so many mishaps on my way that I nearly decided that this was the universe’s way of telling me this was a Bad Idea, and I should give up and go home.  But I went, and enjoyed the movie fairly well.  When it stuck to what was actually in the book, it was quite good.  When it strayed into the extra plot lines imported in from other Tolkein writings (at least I’m assuming that’s where they got them), it got a little annoying.  Martin Freeman was awesome, and the riddle battle between Bilbo and Gollum was easily the best scene in the movie (even more entertaining than it is in the book, where I’ve always thought it was a bit slow).  However, while I do appreciate the dwarfs’  increased photogenic qualities (well, hello there, Kili!), I don’t think Thorin Oakenshield should look like he carries his own wind machine around with him at all times.

And now I’m off to go give away hand knit things!