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And, lo, the day came to pass when Bernadette started to panic about Christmas presents.  Seriously, the more I work on things, the more people I remember that I don’t have anything for yet.  It all seemed so easy, back last June.  I was going to knit a ton of pretty little Scandinavian inspired ornaments (from this book).  Since they were small, they would knit up fast, and there were so many color & pattern variations to try that I wouldn’t get bored.  And then by the time December rolled around I’d have lots on hand to give to coworkers, aunts and uncles, pretty much everyone on my list.  As plans go, it was a pretty good one.

Except as it turned out (and I’m sure no one could have seen this one coming), this ended up being the year that I sewed a lot more than I knit, and then I started working on a sweater for Uncle S which has taken up most of the knitting time left, and one thing with another, I’ve got exactly six of these things done, not counting the one that went off as a wedding present to a friend.  That doesn’t even cover my coworkers, much less the aunts & uncles.

Friends, I am screwed.

My proposed salvation, for my coworkers anyway is pretty felt ornaments, hand embroidered with ribbon hanging loops.  Maybe I’ll make them heart shaped, and put cinnamon stick inside, and call them “warm hearts” in honor of the kindness of the people I’m giving them too.  And they’ll never have to know that it’s because I ran out of time.  That’s still a lot of hand-sewing to do, not to mention Fleur’s doll clothes that still have quite a bit of work to go on them, plus the doll I’d like to make Honey, and a few other projects I’m not going to mention because the people they’re intended for sometimes read this blog.

And you know what that means: movie marathons.  Already this weekend I blew through the two movies I had from Netflix (Iron Man 1 & 2), and had to go on an emergency run to the local Redbox.  The pickings were slim, so today so far I’ve watched MIB 3 (not bad, though I would rather have had much more of the real Emma Thompson instead of her “younger self” with the odd retroactive boob-job), and Twilight: Eclipse (the things I do for those I love, though I have to admit I fast-forwarded through at least half of it.  Only so much completely illogical senseless emotional wittering I can stand).  Next up is Moneyball.  Tomorrow I’m going to have to see if I can find another Redbox with better pickings.

All that, and so far I’ve finished exactly two presents…

I think I might need some movie suggestions.