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This  morning I got up early for a Saturday, and headed of to church.  Today is one of the Holy Days of Obligation, which means every Catholic needs to go to church.  My parish likes to do things up for special days, with incense, the choir breaking out the special pieces, like that.  With all that incense, the air in the sanctuary can get a little hazy, and when I saw it this morning, I started to laugh.

You see, on Thursday, I went to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  It was spectacular, by which I mean both that it was really, really good, and that it was an amazing spectacle.  There was everything from dancing girls, to trusses that lifted performers high above the audience, to astoundingly complex light displays.  There were so many pyrotechnics that my face started to feel slightly scorched towards the end.  They made it snow inside the arena.  My only regret was that we were packed in so tight (the show was completely sold out) that I couldn’t get up and dance.  And afterwards, the air inside was hazy, just like the sanctuary of St. Anthony’s this morning.

That made me start thinking of all the parallels between the show I had seen Thursday night and the liturgy I attended this morning.  Amazing music?  Check.  Men in interesting costumes going through ritualized motions?  Check.  Fire of some kind on stage/sanctuary?  Check.  People reading things out of books that are supposed to be somewhat spiritually edifying?  Check.  The audience mostly sitting on their butts and not participating as fervently as one might wish?  Sadly, check.

And now you know what I think about sometimes during Mass…

Anyway, the show of Thursday was awesome.  I brought Pippi, Flo, and Red with me.  We had dinner together at Jeet beforehand, and then inched through the massive traffic to the show.  It was good to spend some time with those ladies.  Between getting sick and holiday schedules I haven’t seen them very much lately.  I’m glad we were able to catch up a little.

In other news, Christmas is coming much too fast.  To be honest, I’m not feeling it.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been sick so much lately, or if it’s the fact that we’re not allowed to put up any decorations at my main work location, or if it’s just that for me it’s not really Christmas until Christmas Eve.  I’ve got multiple lists of Christmas crafting going (more than anyone could really ever get done in the next two and a half weeks, but we do not press that point), more ideas of things I’d like to do than even fit on the lists, but I feel more coldly determined when I look them over than jolly.

It’s easy to start thinking that there’s something wrong with me that I’m not excited about this, that I’m not feeling the wonder or the love or whatever.  Maybe I need to, like, watch a couple of Christmas specials and reconnect with my lost childhood or something.  But I think that’s wrong.  The thing is that it’s not Christmas yet.  It’s Advent.  We’re preparing for Christmas, not celebrating it.  So it’s ok to be thinking more about lists and logistics.  The celebration will come later.  It’s Advent, so I’m still getting ready.