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My dears, I am sick.  Head sick, stomach sick, nose sick.  I was ill already once this morning, and while I had hopes that the Cheerios I had for lunch were going to stay down, they’re starting to feel a little, discontented, shall we say.  If I could, I would get in my car and go home, but I don’t have the PTO, so I’m hanging on by my fingernails until quitting time.  It’s only an hour and forty minutes away.  I can last that long, right?  Well, maybe.  And then when I get home I will curl up in bed with an ice pack for my head and make the world go away for a while.  I’m going to miss Sweet’s bridal shower (which stinks, cuz I have the cutest present for her), but hopefully if I do things right I’ll be better by tomorrow.  Hopefully.

Anyway, since I’m not up to thinking of anything remotely witty, check this out – Sweet Pea is mobile:

Let the baby-proofing begin!