My dears, I am beat.  I had to be at work extra early this morning, and didn’t remember that I would have to get up early until I’d already stayed up late last night.  So I’m dragging pretty good, and my brain is resisting the formation of coherent sentences.  

Tonight, instead of writing a (hopefully) funny post about my unfortunate talent for inadvertently making swing dancing sound really dirty when I’m talking in front of a class (I kinda surpassed myself while I was teaching last night), I spent my evening finishing up the slippers I showed you the beginnings of a while back.  They are just as warm as I’d hoped they would be (so warm!), and even cuter than I’d hoped.  Once I figured out what I was doing (it helps if you actually, you know, follow the tutorial), they went together pretty quickly, and they’d be all done now if I hadn’t decided at the last minute that they needed a little lace around the upper edge.  I have a mug of hot tea within reach, and the extra-soothing Pandora station playing on my phone, so we’ll see how much more sewing I actually get done before I nod off into my sewing box…

Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll be coherent again.