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First of all, thank you to all of you who have responded to yesterday’s post with kind words.  I appreciate your support and thoughts and prayers and kindness.  Today is not an easy day, but in the end it will be ok.  Often the only way out of something is through, and so I am content to go through.  I am glad to have good friends to go through with me.

If you would like to do something a little more concrete to help remember Jacob, I have a suggestion.  Don’t go shopping this Friday.  Stay home.  Do your best to avoid spending a dime.  You see, every penny that will be spent on Black Friday encourages stores to open more hours, and earlier hours.  Now it’s not opening at 2am or midnight, it’s 7 or 8pm the night before.  This means that the workers at the store, the ones who are being paid minimum wage to stock shelves or work the cash register, have to be there hours before.  They don’t get a Thanksgiving, and their families often don’t get a Thanksgiving because other people can’t resist the sales.  And really, people, the deals are not that good.

The last job my brother ever worked was at a big box store.  He was putting himself through grad school, so hopefully if he were still alive he wouldn’t still be working there, but with today’s economy you never know.  If he were still at that job, he probably would be one of the ones going to bed at 2pm Thanksgiving afternoon so that he could get up in time to go to work that night.  And, you know, that’s wrong.  It’s not decent or humane.  This is not the way human beings ought to treat each other.

So I think we should take a stand.  When I was talking to someone about this yesterday they mentioned that there was a petition you could sign, but honestly, I don’t have much faith in petitions.  The only thing big corporations really understand is money, or the lack thereof.  So don’t give them yours.  Stay home on Black Friday.  Don’t spend a single penny.  Stores who don’t care about their workers don’t deserve your money.

Who’s with me?