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This morning I was sitting in my favorite chair by the front window (the one with my knitting, sewing box, and computer all in easy reach), trying to put together my list of things I want to do this weekend (note: not a To Do list, but close), and instead of coming up with a coherent or perhaps aspiration list, all that kept running through my mind was “I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok…”  And, you know, I think that’s what I want this weekend.  I mean, there’s other things, like laundry, and clearing the dirty dishes out of the sink (ideally by, say, washing them), and the Great Family Holiday Planning Meeting tomorrow (still don’t know what Mom wants me to bring to that).  But this weekend, I just want to be ok.

And just so I don’t get concerned emails, don’t worry, this desire is not because I’m not ok.  Really, I’m fine.  In the vast scheme of things, the no-death-no-blood-we’re-good standard, I’m doing just fine.  However, I’m dealing with a new health challenge (which I’m not ready to blog about), which is requiring some life changes, which is all feeling rather overwhelming and just-too-much right now.  So for right now I’m going to refuse to feel guilty about being spectacularly unproductive this morning (unless you count Pinterest pins as productivity, which, not really), and just enjoy sitting in the sunshine and remembering that everything is ok, it really is, and I’m ok, I really am, and like that.

And maybe in a little bit I’ll get up and do some dishes.

In the meantime, this morning I also got an email from Lucy and The Auteur letting me know that they have taken their trip to Nappa, and purchased the wines for the upcoming Very Special Lucy & The Auteur Dinner Party.  I know I mentioned this before, but it started in the comments on my first Dinner Party post, and then moved on to emails between Lucy & myself.  Basically, the story goes like this: Lucy wants to come to one of my Dinner Parties (yes, I’ve decided they deserve capitalization), but since she lives in California, this is a bit of a challenge.

She and The Auteur will be coming back for Christmas, but that will also be their time when they’ll be trying to fit in all the various family commitments for two families, and you know, Christmas.  And stuff.  So it appears that the only night when we can have this Very Special Dinner is a weeknight the week before Christmas.  It’s going to be a rather small Party, both because the middle of the week before Christmas is not the ideal time to be cooking vast amounts of food (though Lord knows so many do anyway), and because we all have to go to work in the morning, and most of the guest list will be family, but I think it’s going to be a very good time!

The extra special thing about this Very Special Dinner Party is not only the guests (although they’re pretty awesome), it’s that Lucy & The Auteur volunteered to take a special trip to Napa to buy wine for dinner, and I’m going to cook foods to match.  So the email I got this morning let me know what wines they picked: 2007 Blanc de Blanc, and a sparkling Pinot Noir.  So now I just need to figure out what to make.

The Pinot Noir seems fairly easy.  The tasting notes say that it is “the perfect accompaniment to holiday turkey, a hearty rack of lamb, prime rib or wild duck.”  As much as I love Lucy and The Auteur, my budget does not stretch to rack of lamb, prime rib, or wild duck for even a small crowd.  So turkey it is.  Luckily, my mother has perfected a method of roasting turkey that guarantees tender, moist meat and crisp skin every time, so that’s settled, and I can get creative with the side dishes.

The bigger question is what to match with the Blanc de Blanc.  When I googled “what to serve with Blanc de Blanc wine” I came up with lots of seafood suggestions, or cheese, or other things with rich, creamy flavors.  Apparently both hard cheeses (aged Gouda came in for a particular mention) and lush triple cremes are quite tasty with this wine.  I don’t really like seafood (I’m an occasional can of tuna kind of girl), but I could do a cheese tray, and perhaps some rather rich cheesy tidbits.

I have to be a little careful with this kind of planning.  I start getting overambitious, entertaining ideas of maybe just a light soup course in between the hors d’ouevres and dinner, and perhaps a small salad composee featuring thinly sliced pears, walnuts and escarole after the entree.  And, you know, that’s crazy talk.  I’m going to be doing all this on a weeknight in the time between when I manage to get home from work (may take a half day of PTO just in case) and when dinner starts.  I won’t have time to make individual Parmesan cheese bowls in which to serve precisely wilted salad, not to mention turning grape tomatoes into tulips.  The Cream Cheese Olive Penguins  though, those… might have to happen.